Saturday, September 1, 2007

Diary of a Bad Mommy

Sometimes I'm a bad mommy. Like this morning. My oldest has her first soccer practice with her new team. I didn't get her soccer shorts washed for today and had to dig them out of the bottom of the laundry basket and spray them with Febreze so she wouldn't be the smelly kid. And the middle one walked around this morning for 2 hours with a soaking wet diaper that I just didn't notice.
Sometimes I let them watch TV all morning so I can get some cleaning/laundry/talking on the phone done. Sometimes I let them have Goldfish for breakfast just because we're in a hurry to get out the door. Sometimes I let the oldest surf the internet (Noggin or NickJr, of course) for an hour instead of the daily recommended 20 minutes because I want to be left alone. And I have been known to skip naptime just so they will all go to bed relatively calmly at night. I have gone for weeks at a time without changing crib sheets because they are too hard to put back on.
But there are those days when I get it right. I get up two hours before they do and fix everyone eggs and toast. We go to the gym for an hour and then come home and play Candy Land or Superheroes together. We have a picnic lunch at the park, make it home for naps and then have another hour of playtime before I cook a healthy, balanced dinner where we will all sit as a family and say a prayer and share our day.
If those "Supermommy" days only happen every 4-7 days, is that ok? Is the fact that I love them so much it breaks my heart making up for the "bad mommy" days? If the worst thing I ever do is let them go to bed stinky because I'm too tired for baths, will they forgive me?
I think that one day, after only 2 hours of sleep and weeks of dirty diapers, snotty noses, and whiny voices, one of my daughters will call me and say in a weary voice, "How did you do it all, Mom?" and then they will understand. I didn't do it all. Not even close. But I'm doing the best I can and most of the time, that's pretty darn good.


M said...

Amen sister!!! You're a wonderful mom and we all know it!
love ya

lauren (insane mother of one) said...

finally somebody speaks the truth for all us in the heck are we supposed to do it all and still remain sain????

corts mommy said...

thanks dod reading this made me feel a little bit more at ease about becoming a mommy!