Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I've decided that, in light of the fact that I pulled a muscle at the gym and honestly cannot walk, I'm going to sit around all day and look at my computer.
Soooooo, I want to see your comments. I'll have an official drawing in my kitchen tonight! Anyone who made/makes a comment TODAY, Sept. 12 before 9:00 pm. (CST), will be entered. You can win $20 off this site! If there's anything you have been considering, now is your chance!!!


Lauren said...

Well i hope that i can be in the running, i am dying to order more stuff. If your nephew could take care of himself and lighten up on the daycare bill i could afford to do his entire room in all your fun stuff!!! ;)

M said...

It's 8:24 so I hope this last minute effort catches your eye and I'm the winner!!! I want some jazzy stuff for my desk at work...what can you come up with???
love ya