Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Look at this face. It's such a sweet little face, I think, with the big eyes and pleasant expression. And she really is such a sweet little girl. However, she is almost two and, as with most two year olds, she is starting to test her limits.
For example, yesterday, we were at the store. I was carrying her because she was screaming when I put her in the seat of the cart. She, for no apparent reason, started saying "NO!" to me in a really naughty voice, with a really frowny face. I was ignoring her and she kept saying "NO, Momma!" and finally slapped at me, I guess to get my attention. The child hit me! Of course, that lit a fire under me and I sat her down firmly and firmly told her not to hit anyone and she gave me those eyes and said "O-tay, Momma, O-tay. I nice." And that was that. She was nice from then on.
This is how she always reacts after being in trouble. It's almost too hard to follow through on punishment because she responds so sweetly. She gets a look on her face like she's so ashamed of herself and it breaks your heart when she gives you those eyes and cries and says "sorry" or just "O-tay" in her little sweet way.
So, I can only imagine my husband's heartbreak Sunday when he had to punish her for hitting her sister. He's a TOTAL softy and these girls have him wrapped around their little fingers. But he is a good parent, so he disciplines them when they need it. He may give them more chances than I would, but he eventually does what he has to do. So, I was pleasantly surprised to hear that, when Reese hit Avery, he told Reese to go to her room without giving any second chances. He said he was in total shock that she actually went. He said she just turned around, put her fingers in her mouth and started walking, crying all the way. He let her go and gave her a few minutes. When he went to do the follow-up talk, he found her in her room. Sitting on a little stool, facing the dresser. Crying. And reading a book. Just crying quietly and reading. Does that break your heart as much as it did his and mine?
If she ever figures out how much that hurts us, we are in big trouble. We don't stand a chance.