Sunday, September 16, 2007


1. Why do my kids wait for a fresh diaper to go poopy?
2. Why do toddlers go tee tee and poopy on the floor NEXT to the potty?
3. Why does my baby eat every 3 hours EXCEPT when the 2 hour mark hits at a time that I am busy, I am without a bottle, or both?
4. Why do toddlers throw their food on the floor and then cry because they don't have anything to eat?
5. Why do the set-in, non-removable stains only occur on my very favorite, usually expensive outfits? And the cheapie play clothes still look brand new?
6. Why do husbands only want romance when you haven't slept, bathed or shaved in two days?
7. Why do kids wake up 45 times in the middle of the night but then refuse to budge the next morning?
8. Why does a constipated child, who hasn't gone potty in 2 days, suddenly have the biggest blow out of all time when you finally got the nerve to drag all three kids to the mall?
9. Why, when you have money and time to shop, can you not find anything you like, but then you see a bazillion things you would totally buy if you only had the time to try it on and/or the money to buy it?
10. Why am I asking the same questions that have gone unanswered for at least the past 1000 years by wives and mothers everywhere?


Lauren said...

Let me know when you get any of these answered, especially #6.;)

windycindy said...

I thought those days would never end at times. Now, my sons are 19 and almost 16 and I wish I had some of those days back!!!!! Cindi