Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Love Music

I went for a run this morning. It went really well, much better than last week's long run and I spent some time thinking about why last week's run went so badly, even though it was shorter than today's. The answer is music. Last week, my earphones were broken and I had to use some old ones I found laying around the house. The minute I started sweating, they fell out of my ears and I eventually gave up trying to keep them in and just quit listening to music. It was all downhill from there. But today was different. Today I had my new Ipod full of every song I've ever loved blaring at full volume. It was heaven. I was actually singing aloud at one point (I've always thought people who did that were so weird, but I'm old and weird now anyway, so who cares?) I started thinking about how music can completely alter my mood. Sometimes it's a blast back into a past I'm not always comfortable remembering, but most of the time, it lifts my spirits and inspires me to get moving!
Is everyone like this? Or is it just my family? As I thought about all of this this morning, I thought about my parents. I think my parents had a huge influence in my siblings and I loving music as much as we do.
My dad is a complete music junkie. Not playing an instrument or anything, but just listening to music. He's always had music playing whether he's painting, working in the garage, driving, working out, whatever. He listens to classic rock on his paint radio. He listens to Top 40 stations and knows what's popular. I remember one time, when I was in college, we were at the mall and he wanted me to pick up the new Matchbox 20 CD. And I can't EVER hear "Sweet Baby James" by James Taylor without remembering riding with him in his orange pickup, listening to eight track tapes.
Mom is not that different. She's not as into buying CDs or listening to what's hot right now, but she definitely enjoys her music. She loves to put CMT on the TV and sing at the top of her lungs or dance around with the grandkids. I remember being younger and Mom saying "Ok, guys, let's turn on some good music and get this house cleaned." If I hear anything by the Doobie Brothers, I can almost feel a dust rag in my hand. She also put on music most mornings before school. Fleetwood Mac, The Doobies, Kenny Rogers...oh, Kenny Rogers. That reminds me. She and my brother used to sing a duet along with Sheena Easton and Kenny. "We've Got Tonight." I still love Kenny Rogers to this day. I own his greatest hits CD. (So does my brother.)
Those are some of the best memories of my life. There is a country song, I think it's by Clint Black, and it says "Ain't it funny how a melody, can bring back a memory." Whether it's painting with Dad, singing with Mom, dancing with a high school boyfriend, or breaking it down with my siblings at an all-night-shake-down party, I love the memories and feelings that music brings back. I can't wait to create some of these same memories with my own kids. (Instead of Fleetwood Mac, they'll have Justin Timberlake.) I think I'll go start right now.


Lauren (shouldve been famous) said...

all I want to know is how I got left out of this singing "I love music" heart was beating fast thinking of how this soon was going to turn towards me....lets leave it at I too have a Kenny Rogers CD, nothing about small bedroom, green carpet, locked door.

windycindy said...

Good Evening, Dodi! I loved reading your recent blog entry. Your thoughts were entertaining and interesting! I have visited your site before and plan on visiting it many times in the future! Have a lovely upcoming week.....Cindi :)

M said...

Hey Girl...don't forget J.T. will be bringing "Sexy Back" on HBO tonight! Maybe you could update your "moves" so the girls aren't too far!
love ya

April said...

Hey,I just read this post and about "craughed" that's cried and laughed at the same time. I was thinking about a time(about 2 years ago) when I was making fun of bo wanting to buy a kenny rogers cd...for the love of god, i thought... but then he gave me the story of your mom loving this one song and I about died, I couldn't believe how serious he was and everytime I hear kenny rogers it makes me want to cry.