Saturday, September 15, 2007

As-salt With A Spicy Weapon

My middle child is obsessed with the salt shaker. I normally put it on the counter after every meal so she can't reach it, but sometimes I forget. And she ALWAYS notices that I forgot and climbs up and dumps it out. Yesterday was one of those days...and she didn't just dump it on the floor or table like she usually does. She had a victim this time.

Poor Baby Rhett was covered in salt from the waist down! Clearly, he was already in need of a bath judging from the horribly stained onesie he's wearing, but it took alot of extra effort to get all the salt out of all of those nooks and crannies.
"Hey Reese! Just because your baby brother looks like a Butterball turkey doesn't mean you get to treat him like the main course!"

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Lauren said...

Ahhhh Reese stories always crack me up!!! Ok and I am laughing but seeing Rhett sitting up in that seat makes me want to cry. He is getting so big. Please,please, please let me steal him for a couple weeks. I want to snuggle with the lil cuddly roly poly before he gets too big and then I am the weird aunt!!!