Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yesterday morning, I was in here on the computer and my oldest was in here asleep on the guest bed. I heard her stirring and turned around to say "good morning" to her. She didn't respond. She just stumbled sleepily out of the bed and walked into the other room. I wondered where she was going, but wasn't really concerned. I assumed she either had to go potty or had just decided to move to our bed. I was way off.
When she returned, about 10 minutes later, this is how she looked:

In case it isn't obvious, she's wearing her daddy's clothes. When I first saw her, I kind of laughed and asked her "What in the world are you doing?"
Her response: "Nothing. I just had to get dressed." (As if this is her normal daily routine.)
Me: "Well, are those Daddy's clothes?"
Her: "Yeah, I like to wear them sometimes." (I wasn't aware that she and Dad shared clothes.)
Me: "Where did you get them?"
Her: "Dad's closet. On the hanger"
Me: "Um, can I ask why?"
Her, exasperated: "Mom, I just like to wear Dad's clothes, ok? This is what I want to wear today because I just want to dress like my dad. OK?"

I don't even have an argument for this one.


Aunt La-La said...

ove it!!! LOL that is great, I love it, I am shocked she isn't playing his work everyday too!

windycindy said...

I think your daughter loves her clothes loose and comfortable like me! Cindi :O)