Monday, May 23, 2011

Funny Guy

I have finally accepted as reality something I have suspected for quite some time. Rhett is hilarious. I used to think he was just cute and adorable and funny because he was a little kid and little kids are just funny. But I have come to realize that being funny is something that just comes naturally to him, whether he's trying or not.

Here's an example of him being hilarious without knowing what he was doing was hilarious:

In case you don't recognize this move, he's doing the sprinkler. At his preschool class' Easter party. Without being prompted. I, in fact, am the one who often encourages this move at home, but I wasn't even there. Another mom took this photo after he did it three or four times. She said "He kept doing this one move over and over again, very seriously." She wasn't aware of the sprinkler as a dance move, apparently. She is now. I guess he did it repeatedly until another idea took hold and he dropped to the floor in an attempt to try his hand at breakdancing.
I laugh out loud every time I see this picture and visualize him dancing his little heart out, doing moves that we all know are silly, but that he thinks is real, serious dancing. See? Funny.

Then, there are the words and conversations. Oh my Lord, this boy tries my patience. I have to bite my lip to keep from laughing and hold my hands at my sides to keep from strangling him at least 7 times a day. He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. I had to write some of the more recent chats down, so I can one day, when he comes to me, pulling his hair out over his own little boy's exasperating behavior, pull out this little record and just grin.

Aaron told all the kids to go brush their teeth. All went in their respective bathrooms to do as they were told. Rhett was out in less than 12 seconds. Aaron asked him if he brushed his teeth and this is where it led:
Rhett: Yep, I brushed 'em.
Aaron: You haven't been in there long enough to even put toothpaste on the brush. You didn't.
Rhett: I did, Dad. I really did.
Aaron: Your toothbrush isn't even wet. You did not brush.
Rhett: I used an invisible toothbrush. See? (Here he began pretending as though he was holding a toothbrush and moving his hand up and down in front of his mouth, like he was brushing them right then.)

While getting dressed one day, Rhett started crying, saying "They're too far apart!" I asked him what in the world he was talking about and he showed me that the button wouldn't go in the hole because the pants were too small. They're too far apart. I know the feeling, Buddy.

Rhett's note from school last week: "Besides him climbing the urinal on the wall, it was a great day." Me: Rhett, did you get in trouble today? Rhett: Just for climbing the potty!

Me: Do you think you are funny?
Rhett, shaking his head No: Since I'm 4. I used to be funny, when I was 3. Not now. So don't laugh.