Friday, August 31, 2007

Meet The Teacher

My firstborn love of my life is starting preschool next week (sob). Yesterday, we went to meet her teacher and see her classroom. My emotions were somewhat bittersweet. I'm a little sad to see her go, even if it's only two days a week. I know that, once they get in school, something changes and it's like they begin to grow up at warp speed. I am apprehensive when I think about the things that happen at school. While I absolutely loved school and learning growing up, I did not enjoy my "friends" at school much. I remember being teased mercilessly for ridiculous reasons. My heart honestly aches at imagining my sweet baby girl suffering through days like that. When I think about it, I want to lock our doors and keep my babies in (and the world out) forever.
But then, I look at the picture of her, with her fake smile, just ready to get on with the business of GOING TO SCHOOL!!! She cannot wait. Absolutely cannot wait. She has a Spiderman backpack (the only girl at school with one), a Spiderman lunch box (it's empty, but she still had to bring it to meet her teacher), and 4 unsharpened (Spiderman, of course) pencils that no one is allowed to touch.
Her teacher is wonderfully sweet and patient. She told Avery she'd been waiting for her to get there, and we believed her. She allowed Avery to put away all of her own school supplies. Avery listened intently as her teacher explained what she was to do with her folder (a real big kid folder with her name on it!), her supply box (filled with her very own scissors, markers and crayons!), and her, as yet, empty backpack and lunch box. She was "all business" at school and I know that she is completely ready. She was probably ready a year ago, but I wasn't. I know I have to let her go just a little bit. And I will. A little bit.


misty said...

This is even hard for me...can't we just leave her with me 2 days a week instead?!!!
love ya Ave!

Lauren said...

make them stop growing!!!! my first niece is going to school....make it stop!!!