Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Diary of a Bad Mommy (Volume 2)

Sometimes I'm a bad mommy without meaning to be. Well, I guess none of us are bad mommies on purpose. What I mean, is, that some days, I'm doing everything right and yet, I still wind up feeling like a bad mommy.
For instance, Monday I was working on some painting. I usually feel a bit guilty when I paint all day, so I let my kids do lots of fun stuff to make up for the fact that I'm basically ignoring them. So, I let the girls paint while I worked. Making a mess makes them happy. (And I consider myself a good mom if I let them make a mess like this one without complaining.)

As for Rhett, he's happy if he can see me. So I put him in his Bumbo seat right next to me on the table and all was well. Or so I thought. For just a second, the girls needed me to switch out their water, or brushes or paint. It would only take me a second, so I left Rhett where he was, because he was happy and safe. Those Bumbo seats are really sturdy and I knew he wasn't going anywhere. And he didn't.

But as I returned to my spot at the table, I noticed something strange. Something was on his face. And his hands. And his onesie.
What is that? Is that.....blood???? Oh my God, how is he bleeding?

It took me less than a second to look over his entire body and realize the source of the bleeding was his little hand. But how? What in the world could have jumped up and cut my baby boy's chubby little hand in the two minutes I was with the girls less than 10 feet away?

Anyone want to guess? Anyone?
Give up? Ok, I'll show you.

Did any of you guess a diet Coke can? If you did, then you are a much smarter person than I. While I would never purposely hand my child an aluminum can, it never crossed my mind that a baby can somehow wave his hands in exactly the right direction so as to not only dip his teeny tiny fingers directly into a can but scrape said fingers directly on the edge of the can, making a cut that bled profusely for about 15 minutes.
Sheesh...if this is what happens on a good day around here, then God help my poor children when I'm having a bad one.


Aunt La-La said...

ahhhhhhh poor baby Rhett...he was just trying to entertain himself...I have seen a can cut little kids before, our niece in fact, but if I know Rhett he was not truly reaching for the "diet" coke...that is a real pop man. ha ha ha love ya all!! I get to see you tomorrow!!

Patricia Stuever said...

OMG How is it that we have SO MANY of the SAME things happeing to us?

My first born 6yrs now. We were at a Christmas party for my DH & his Marine Corp Shop little 6mo old baby Christopher grabs a Mtn Dew can by the drinking hole I snatch it trying to react (making him cut it more :( ) AKKKKK he's dripping blood everywhere from the crease of his finger no less.

DH (aka the sane one) calmly takes him over to the first aid station and patches him up. Like it's no big deal. Meanwhile I'm still freaking out that his finger might fall off.... *rolls eyes* he was fine of course.

It's just me your typical overly reactive Mom. :P