Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Those Five Little Words

The five words I like to hear from my husband are not "I love you so much" or "You look hot today, Baby." They are "Do you wanna call Celia?"
Celia is a housekeeper. I love her. I mean, I really really love her. I would love to have her move in with me.
But since I don't work outside the house, I don't have a regular housekeeper. Not because my husband says I can't, but because I feel too guilty. Partly because of the money and partly because I feel that keeping up the house is part of my job as a housewife. Truthfully, I actually enjoy cleaning. I like feeling like I accomplished something and I love the look and smell of my house when I have spent the entire day cleaning. But the problem now is that, with 3 kids under the age of 5, I never get to spend the whole day cleaning. It's dust one day, vacuum the next. Clean the bathrooms one day, the kitchen the next. So the whole house is never all clean at once.
But when Celia comes, it's like Heaven. For one brief moment, the entire house is perfect. It smells deliciously clean and everything sparkles. She does the things I always forget, like dusting the fans and the blinds or mopping the laundry room floor. I love it. And she was just here on Monday, so I know it's going to be a while before I hear those five magic words again.
For now, I'll just cross my fingers and hope for my second favorite phrase: "Do you want a massage?"


Lauren said...

OH MY GOSH WE ARE SO MUCH should so email this blog to my husband!!!

Patricia Stuever said...

I'm SO jealous I want a housekeeper NO I NEED A HOUSEKEEPER LOL.... :(

M said...

WoW...I can't believe you had the nerve to talk about Celia knowing I can't have her anymore!!! I'm really feeling the love right now...