Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's up, Dawg?

I have no idea why they always have to be topless lately, but I hope they grow out of it before they get boobs!
Please note Reese's stance. I told them I was going to take a picture and Avery posed just like this on her own. I told Reese to "do what Avery is doing" and this is how she looks. I don't think she has a gangsta bone in her body.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When The Weather Outside is Frightful

Rookie of the Year

Love that stance! Just watch...18 years from now, all the major leaguers will be doing it this way.

Seriously, is anyone a Blogger expert? Why is it always sideways on here, but not anywhere else? I sent a question in about 6 months ago...either they forgot to answer me or they don't know either. What's up with that???? My only suggestion to you is to get drunk before you try to watch. That's what I do.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Interesting Video

Not that it matters now, but some of you might be interested in seeing this video that one of my fellow Fox News lovers sent me! Thanks, S!

Random Pictures

None of these pictures is a post on its own, but I love them all, for different reasons. Enjoy!
Big Tuna. He looks like such a BOY. Backwards hat (he always puts them on this way), one sock, no shirt. He's been playing the drums for Rock Band. He's growing up too fast!!! I laugh though, because he totally reminds me of a more athletic Chris Farley. Especially since he's pinching his belly.

Big Tuna again. He's not my favorite, I promise. He's just at that age where he's doing so many fun things and is still little enough not to be embarrassed or run from the camera. Note the upside-down crown (what is it with this kid and the back asswards head gear?) and the fact that he's doing "homework" like his big sisters do.
This is a phone number I found in Avery's backpack. A phone number! It's a girl in her class, who wants Avery to come over, but "her mom keeps forgetting to call" me, apparently. I guess the girls are taking matters into their own hands.

Anyway, I love this. I wouldn't begin to know this number. I have no idea which ones are fives or twos, sixes or nines. But I think it's cute anyway!
I don't know why I like this. It's Reese, watching a movie. Rhett just crawled up there with her. He never sits and watches a movie. I like how he's so focused on Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses. Maybe that's what inspired him to wear a crown in the above picture!

Avery, fresh out of the tub. When I look at this picture, I can tell myself that she's still my little, baby girl. Not this big kid who brings home phone numbers and rides her bike without training wheels...which brings me to the next picture.

She still needs help getting started, but she's finally doing it!!!
I'll end with this. Smile, it's Monday! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Couple of Questions About This Photo

1. Where do you suppose they sell hats like this?

2. How do you take yourself seriously while wearing a hat like this?

3. What do you think George W. (in the background) is thinking? I think it's about the hat. Do you?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kids Are So Smart

I love bedtime for one major reason: Talking to the girls. I absolutely love to hear their take on the day, their lives, and their views on the world around us. Tonight, sadly, Reese fell asleep early, but I still got a chance to enjoy this conversation with Avery. I wish that I could accurately portray her facial expressions and tone of voice. The bottom line that you need to remember as you read is this: She thinks she knows everything and that I know nothing. She is very sure of herself and extremly matter-of-fact in just about everything she says. It makes for hilarious "adult-like" conversations with 5-year-old mispronunciations and misguided viewpoints. I love it.

Me: So, tell me something awesome about school today.
Avery: I think, the Texas Wedgie. (She told me earlier today that she learned that a Texas Wedgie was where someone grabs your underwear and pulls it over your head. Ahhhh, school. They learn so many important things.)
Me: (slightly sarcastic) Yeah, that's a good one. I sure am glad you're learning so much.
Avery: Yeah. But I don't like sitting on the carpet so much.
Me: I guess that can get kind of boring sometimes. But just think about how much you learn when you are sitting on the carpet. That's some of the best learning time.
Avery: Yeah, but I already know the days. I know today is Tuesday.
Me: Tuesday, what?
Avery: January, twenty, um....
Me: Twentieth. Right. Do you know about something important that happened today?
Avery: Oh, yeah, I already know.
Me: What?
Avery: We got a new president.
Me: Hey, that's right! That's great, Babe.
Avery: (With a very disappointed, "sorry about your loss" look on her face) Yeah, 'cept our president is Rock Obama.
Me: I know, Honey. That's a good thing.
Avery: No Mom! That's not who we picked. I wanted John McCain to win. So did Charlie. He said this (thumbs down) to Rock Obama.
Me: Well, that's not nice at all. He's the president and we should be respectful. It's like if you and Daddy wanted to watch Batman and Me, Reesie and Rhett picked Barbie. You'd still watch Barbie and have fun at Family Movie Night, right? Well, it's the same with the president. We thought McCain would do better, but we still like Obama.
Avery: Oh, yeah. But, Mom? Rhett would never vote Barbie.
Me: Yes, I know. I was just trying to explain voting.
Avery: I know about it. We had to watch a video of Rock Obama. It was sooooo boring. Nobody liked it. But there was one lady on there who was really funny. She was yelling and being silly. She said "ROCK OBAMA ROCKS!" I did laugh at that. But that's all. I didn't like the other stuff.
Me: I thought it was boring too. I didn't watch it all day. It's alot of stuff, for sure. But, I think we can be happy that Obama is the president. We have to wish for good things.
Avery: Yeah. I do. I wish for good things. But I didn't pick him.

The most shocking part of this whole conversation, for me, was the fact that Avery can't remember to wipe herself, but she knows McCain's first name is John.

Happy Inauguration Day

Can you imagine having to be the president right now? Ugh. As much as I didn't want Obama to win the presidency, I truly do feel for the guy. The economy sucks royally and no one seems to know what to do about it. Plus, since he was elected, there have been reports of several terrorist threats against us, so there's that to worry about. Let's not forget that there is a war going on that he doesn't even want to be in. Ick. Poor him. Seriously.
I think he's probably a really nice guy and seems like a genuinely loving father and husband. I'm definitely rooting for him to do well because if he doesn't. Well, none of us are going to be doing really well, right? So just because he wasn't my first choice doesn't mean I can't be supportive, right? I'm sure he can relax now that he knows I'm behind him. I know it was a big concern of his going into this big day.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

Monday, January 19, 2009

30 Days in HELL

The recession has officially hit us. Actually, I think it hit us about 4 years ago, when I stopped working, but we just woke up and faced reality. It may have had something to do with the recent Bank of America request for billions from the government. Since Aaron works for them and they say they're broke, it's not looking good for bonus time. Frankly, not getting a bonus may be the least of our worries. So we're in full-blown panic mode at this point because let's face it; if Aaron loses his job, we are homeless. Which means we'll have to move in with someone...anyone reading this site could be affected. So panic with us, will you?
Anyway, I decided to be very meticulous about my spending. I said I wouldn't buy anything but groceries and gas for the car for the next 30 days, just to see if I maybe, by some slight chance, am spending more than I think I am. Guess what I learned? I'm addicted to online shopping. Are you as shocked as I am????
I mean, I know I sometimes, occasionally get on and order a new pair of yoga pants. When I need them, of course. And sure, if the kids jeans are too small, I just order a new pair real quick. What I didn't realize is that every time my day gets rough or I'm in a bad mood, I'll just jump on the Sephora site and order a $15 lipstick. Or go to Bath and Body and order a few smelly lotions. These are my little "pick-me-ups" during the day. And there are waaaaaay more of them than I realized. I was doing this almost daily!!! Can you imagine? No wonder we're broke! I babysit during the day for extra money so I guess I justify my spending this way. Honestly, I never thought deeply enough into it to justify it. In fact, I don't even think I was aware of it.
But now, I've given myself a February 16 goal: no mindless shopping (online or otherwise) and no mindless eating. If I'm grumpy or sad or irritated, I am forcing myself to face these thoughts and feelings head on and "work through them" as a counselor once told me. You know what else I've learned these past few days? I have a LOT of feelings. And a whole hell of a lot of crap that I'm having to work through. In fact, it's exhausting. But I think it will be worth it in the end. I just need to warn y'all...if you are planning to call me, email me or invite me to do something any time in the near future, you might want to wait until after February 16. Because right now, I'm working on becoming a better person. Turns out, I'm not so pleasant when I'm trying to become a better person. If you decide to approach me anyway, just don't say I didn't warn you.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Remember when it was exciting to learn something new? Before we got old and cynical and irritable about not knowing things? I remember loving school and getting so excited when I figured something out for the first time. Especially in Kindergarten. Every day is completely new. I love watching Avery grow and learn. She loves everything about school and of course, is completely thrilled to let me know how little I know at least three times a week.

Here's a picture of the last thing she taught me. Geometric shapes. Thankfully, I not only read the Kindergarten newsletter, but I actually taught Kindergarten. So when she came home and said she learned about shapes. "Like stuff like squares, except it's not a square," I kinda knew what she meant. She told me that her teacher told her to find these kinds of shapes around the house. I told her to find them and then label them. For some reason, this totally cracks me up. Too bad I suck at photography and you can't see the labels very well..they are the best part!

In order from left to right, we have a SFER (sphere), KUIB (cube), CILADR (cylinder), and a CON (cone). Why does KUIB make me want to laugh out loud every time I look at it? Maybe I should stop drinking.
Or not.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I forgot... post this picture on New Year's Day. This was taken at 9:55 on New Year's Eve. It is indicative of nearly every "big night out" Aaron and I have ever had together. Our first night out with all of my friends was in Stillwater, at Eskimo Joe's. He fell asleep in the corner of the bar, just like this, without the blanket. I think there was even someone pointing and laughing at him then, too. Some things never change.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Party Pics

My friend, Kristel, was kind enough to allow me to share these snapshots from her son's birthday party last weekend. I'm not sure who took them, but I'd love to send them a thank-you note for capturing all of this on camera. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Here are Kristel and Tate, getting ready for the singing/candle blowing festivities. Notice anyone lurking? (Something about this picture brings this phrase to mind: 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner!')

I was too busy getting Rhett set up at a table and making sure he wasn't causing any trouble to even notice what Reese was doing. I felt confident that my girls could handle themselves at a birthday party without me overseeing their every move. Reese took advantage of my negligence, as evidenced here.

She didn't just try to get a closer look. She's ready to move Tate out of the spotlight and take over. I just wonder what Kristel is thinking and why she didn't just knock Reese off of the chair? Ok, Kristel is too nice for that. But a quiet "Reese, get down. This ain't your show," would have been fine with me. I'm sure all of the grandparents and people watching this were thinking, "Who is this little girl and why is her mother letting her horn in on Tate's big moment?" I also like the look on Tate's face. You can tell he's a little salty about Reese getting in his way, but he's not doing a thing about it. His eyes are pleading with whomever is behind the camera (Dad, I think). Bless his heart. Sorry, Tate.

Seriously, people, I was trying to keep Rhett out of trouble. And maybe socializing. A little. But mostly, watching Rhett.

Thankfully, my friend Kealey, noticed what Reese was up to and alerted me to the situation. As you can see from the following picture, I handled this with my usual subtlety and grace.

I cannot stop laughing. She'll hate me one day for documenting this moment, but I can't help it. Moments like this aren't caught on camera too often.
Thanks to Kristel for sending the pictures and for allowing me to share with you all. And to Tate for not punching Reese. And to Reesie, for being so unintentionally entertaining.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Random Friday

It's Friday and I have about 8 gazillion thoughts running through my head. That's fairly normal for me, but this morning, they are especially random. I apologize in advance for wasting your time with this...

1. I am tired of wearing black yoga pants every day. I need to get online to order some other casual pants that are cuter than sweats but still comfy. I keep finding myself in the black yoga pant section of Old Navy.

2. My hair is getting long and dark. Sounds nice, but not if you have short, blonde hair. Thank goodness Aaron won $250 on point squares last night. He offered to pay for the hair! Guess he's sick of looking at it, too.

3. I need to call my thyroid doctor. I've been out of thyroid meds for three days...the bags under my eyes are about to become full-on luggage.

4. Need to work out. Abs are so sore from boot camp, I can't imagine doing Pilates today...but I can't stomach the thought of trying to be on the treadmill while keeping little ones away from it. Maybe I'll just go have a diet Coke and some pita chips. Mmmmm, dipped in garlic hummus. Yeah, forget the exercise.

5. I just ordered an indoor herb kit online. I'm jealous of Pioneer Woman's ability to just walk out back and snip some basil or parsley for a recipe. I want fresh herbs in my recipes, but I don't want to have to go to the store every single time. Wish me luck. If my past history is any indication of how this will go, you will see dead plants in my kitchen instead of in the pots out front. (Oh, well, they're still out there too. Dead poinsettias AND geraniums...Texas weather allows for both!)

6. Feeling extraordinarily lucky for my three kiddos today. This week has been full of bad, kid-related news. First the Travolta thing, then a neighbor emailed that her friend's 4-year-old daughter's brain tumor is malignant, inoperable, and incurable. There's more, but I can't share any more without giving up secrets. This may be a secret club, but I can't spill other people's beans!

7. I hate Aunt Flo. (Sorry, Bob, my lone male reader.)

8. I love Adipex (prescription appetite suppressant). It just kicked in and the pita chips and hummus are no longer calling my name.

9. I'm babysitting an extra kid today...should I be watching them instead of the computer screen? Nah...the most delicate one is napping anyway.

10. I got to order a new battery and Office 2007 for my computer. Yay!!! I'll get to spend even MORE time on here now, because I won't get so frustrated with all the problems!!!

11. I feel sad for my husband because he was so disappointed, but I'm secretly glad that OU lost last night. I know it's an ugly way to be. Everyone says "Be happy it's the Big 12. You're from Oklahoma, you should be happy for any Oklahoma team." Yeah, well, I'm not. I don't like OU and it goes against all my natural instincts to root for them. So I didn't and I won't. I'll just keep my mouth shut. Except to you secret club members. You get to know my innermost thoughts. (lucky you, right?)

If you made it this far, you should win a prize. Sadly, however, we are in a recession, so I got nothing for you. I'll send you some fresh basil if I ever get any!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddy's Boy

It seems like only yesterday that my baby boy was attached to my legs. Everywhere I went, he followed. If I left the room, he wailed until he could see me again. It was glorious. Sometimes annoying, because no one else could hold him or snuggle him, but for the most part, I loved it. He is a champion snuggler, which made it even better.
Ah, but the times, they are a-changin'. He's no longer a Momma's Boy. Don't get me wrong, he still loves me and snuggles me. Just not when Daddy's around. If Daddy is in his field of vision, he is in his hip pocket. If Daddy is not in sight, he's walking around saying "Da-yeeee! Day-yeeee!"
Someone asked me the other day if I was a bit jealous. I said no, but then I thought about it. Am I jealous that he prefers his daddy? Even just an eensy, weensy bit? Honestly? No. Really. REALLY. In fact, I think it's just about the most precious thing I've ever seen. The girls went through phases where they preferred Daddy and although it didn't exactly bother me, I was glad to get them back. But there is something about watching my husband with his son that just touches my heart. Maybe because it's not your typical father-son football, baseball, hunting, fishing, building thing. It's a lovey-dovey, snuggling, I-love-you-too-much kind of thing. I think it's beautiful. It makes me fall in love with both of them about twenty times a day.

This picture was taken Monday, right after Aaron came home from work. He immediately picked Tuna up and lugged him around as he put away his keys, bag, etc. (I use the term "put away" lightly here. He actually dropped them in about 12 different places. I think he enjoys giving himself scavenger hunts for the next morning.) When he had to put him down to change into his "play clothes," Rhett began the "Da-yeee!" chant until Aaron could pick him up again. And here they stayed, as I cooked and got the table set for dinner. It still melts my heart.

Okay, so I have to be honest here. The flip side of having a delicious, snuggly child is that he can be clingy at the most inopportune times. So it's kinda nice that I'm not always the one being tugged on with chocolate-chip hands and a green snotty nose. Plus, Aaron smells the poops first, so you know, he who smelt it, dealt it. Well, I guess that doesn't really apply here because Aaron didn't deal it, but he has to deal with it because The Boy prefers him and who am I to get in the way of that kind of love?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Leave it to Tuna.... make me smile.

Here he is, responding to my question (to the girls) "Who wants popcorn?"

Just One of Those Days

I'm starting to have a bad feeling about today. It should be a great day. First day back at boot camp, only one kid to babysit today, dinner with friends tonight; what's to be upset about?
Well, first of all, my husband kept me up watching some creepy movie last night. It wasn't over until after 10:30 and then I had to watch the end of the Fiesta Bowl because, well, it was exciting! So I was all wound up and creeped out and didn't get to sleep until well after 11:30. And had to get up at 4:45 for boot camp. I haven't gotten up that early for the past two weeks. Needless to say, my body was not amused. I think it was trying to retaliate for the early wake-up call, because when I arrived at boot camp and pulled my weight bag out of the car, something in my neck popped a little bit. I spent the next hour, trying not to notice the pinched nerve, or whatever it is, in my neck as I worked out. It didn't work.
I got home, couldn't get Avery out of bed. So she ended up running late. I just realized that she left her backpack. With her snack in it. And I can't take it to her because I have a baby coming over in less than 10 minutes. So now she'll be the only kid without a snack, which really doesn't seem like a big deal, but as a former Kindergarten teacher, I can assure you: It's a VERY big deal. IT's not that I mind knowing that a 5-year-old is going to chew my ass this afternoon over it. After all, the backpack is her responsibility. No, I just feel a bit guilty about the issue her poor teacher is going to have. First, she'll ask if anyone wants to share their snack with Avery. If no one volunteers, Avery will feel like a tool, which will probably make her cry. And then she'll want to come home, and her teacher will have to deal with that mood for the rest of the morning. Add that to my "bad mommy" list. It's a small one, though, so maybe just make it a footnote.
Ok, so I'm sleepy, I'm hurting, and every time I sit down at this Homedics Shiatsu massage thingy to try to un-knot the neck knots, the phone rings. I'm not having a great day. And hey, look at that! It's still early!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Batting .500

So, I basically made two New Year's resolutions. So far, I've kept one and broken one. Not a good sign so far.
1. Go to church more often. We didn't go today. In my defense (as if God needs to hear yet another excuse), we were up late last night as a result of resolution #2. Since the weather goes from 40 degrees one day to 80 the next, my allergies are a mess. I can't do anything without a Kleenex. Including sleeping. So, as I tried to doze from about 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. this morning, I thought "I'm not going to be able to get up and shower and attend a new church. Besides, Rhett is going to lose his mind when we drop him off at class. So we just won't go." Still never got any good sleep, but at least I didn't have to look nice today.
2. Spend more alone time with my husband. (This is a joint resolution.) We went out on a "date" last night. We realized during the car ride to the restaurant that we haven't done anything alone since the movie Stepbrothers was out in theaters. We never hire babysitters, but last night's was awesome. She's kept the kids during the day (the Stepbrothers incident) and they love her. I was nervous about nighttime, but we are desperate for some adult time, so we did it. It all went well and we spent a fun evening sitting outdoors at a "Contemporary Mexican Lounge" drinking Mojitos and laughing at people walking by. It was fabulous (except for the trip to the drugstore to get allergy meds) and a much needed "vacation" for us.

Ok, so if I keep one of the two resolutions, is that a success? It's better than the same old "Exercise every day and stop eating sugar," which I break on January 1 because it's a holiday and if you can't be lazy and eat sugar on a holiday, when can you?

I have some other things I need to work on for the year, and I'll keep you posted on how those things are going. For today, I'm going to clean the house that we spent all day Friday and Saturday cleaning, but is trashed again today. Then, I'll take the kids to the birthday party. Then, we'll sit down and have our own "church" tonight, just like I used to do with my family when I was a kid. Although it won't be the same without Bo here to lead singing.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

Did I forget to wish y'all a Happy New Year?!?!?! SORRY!
I was just rereading Wednesday's post and decided to update. I never had another beer...4 was it. Aaron was asleep by 9:55, Avery followed shortly thereafter, but Reese and I made it to see the ball drop. She didn't know it was only 11 because of the NYC time difference. I doubt she cares since she has no idea what New Year's Eve is or what year it is. In fact, I would be willing to bet that she doesn't know what a year is, what a day is, or why it matters. I envy her that way.
Anyway, I have nothing exciting to report. Just cleaned from the time we got up until about 30 minutes ago. Three trash bags full of toys, two more full of clothes and we still have crap everywhere!!!
I sat down to take a break and read about John Travolta's son I'm too sad to do anything else.
So, for lack of a better post....Happy Belated New Year!

P.S. This made me laugh: Rosie O'Donnell is supposedly quitting her blog and the media is making fun of her because she has quit before, but keeps coming back. Sound familiar?????