Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NEW!!! SCRAPBOOK PAGES, $15 per page

I LOVE to scrapbook. I LOVE to buy scrapbook supplies. I'm almost caught up with my own kids' books so here I go, offering to help YOU finish your books. Here's how it works:

1. You email me your digital prints. I will save them and have them printed through Kodak gallery, so they are quality prints. PICTURES MAY BE CROPPED UNLESS YOU TELL ME YOU DO NOT WANT THEM CROPPED!!!

2. In this same email, you give me a general idea of what type of page you want or what the general theme of the pics is. Let me know if you want the pics to stand more on their own, or you like lots of decorations. I like both for different events!

3. When I get the pics, I will send you an estimate of how many pages I think it will take to do what you are requesting along with an approximate total cost. (Final cost will never be more than the estimate.)

4. I invoice you the total cost and you either send me a check, money order, or I can invoice you through Paypal. Shipping is $5 TOTAL, not per page.

5. I mail you the completed pages. All pages will be done on 12x12 paper (unless you specify a smaller size) and you will glue them into your scrapbook. I will leave space for you to put your own captions and journaling. Your books should be in your handwriting. No one has to know you didn't do the pages yourself!
Simple enough? I think so!!!

Here are some examples:
Title Page. This is the first page of a family album.

Double layout, running pages (both pages run together, using the same decorations/title)

Double layout, coordinating pages (same colors/theme, but different decorations)

Double pages with memorabilia (if you don't feel comfortable sending me your memorabilia, I can leave space for you to put it in if you give me measurements)

Baby book ideas

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Anonymous said...

That is an excellent idea. I can not wait to get my photos gathered up to send. Life is way to busy, between work, dance, football, laundry, etc. to scrap book along with it. You have some great ideas and talent. I love your decorations, but the scrapbooking is a great solution for those of us that do not have time. Thanks again!!