Tuesday, August 28, 2007


PETIE wins!!! You win a $20 credit to use on this website. (Please say you can find SOMETHING you would like to have!) I swear, I held a real drawing tonight in my kitchen!!! There were only 8 entries and I appreciate all 8 of you!!!
Petie, email me at dodiajackson@yahoo.com and we can discuss your options...either $20 off of a stool or canvas, or a free cross/initial ($15 plus $5 shipping). Or maybe a frame or mirror (also free) to match a room...everything I make is completely custom tailored for you!

1 comment:

Lauren (your sis) but still I want to win said...

OH MY GOSH CAN I WIN???? I can barely stand it I am so excited....I hope it is like your kids middle names or birthdays, oh wait, crap, I am no good at those...hmmm maybe just something about me...lol...kidding of course, but can I win???