Wednesday, August 15, 2007

She Wants to be a Boy

This beautiful, petite, blonde haired, blue eyed little girl wants to be a boy. She doesn't just like boy stuff and it's not enough to tell her she can be a tomboy. She wants to BE a boy.

She wears boxers to bed every single night. She is infuriated when I force her to wear an outfit that requires panties underneath. She would prefer to wear camo shorts with the Spiderman boxers hanging out the bottom. She is still miffed over not being able to wear boys' swim trunks to the pool. She talks in a deep, "boy" voice almost constantly. She loves to wrestle and "fight" with her Daddy. She wants to play just about every sport there is. She's dying to be old enough to play football. All of her friends in our neighborhood just happen to be boys. She was Batman for Halloween last year and wants to be Spiderman this year. Her 3rd birthday party theme was football and last May, her 4th birthday party was all things Spiderman.

I love her little attitude and her macho strut. I love her confidence and her fearlessness. She doesn't worry that someone will laugh at her. She doesn't care if someone tells her that "girls don't play football." She is just herself all the time. And I totally love that about her.

And when she crawls in my lap and says "I wanna snuggle buggle with you, Momma," she reminds me that she's still, and always will be, my baby girl.


caraleewil said...

Oh my gosh, that made me cry. Let's hope she maintains that no care attitude when puberty hits! Love ya guys - Cara

Anonymous said...

great I love wearing panties 24/7 so we can wear each others undies!