Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Yesterday I had an early appointment, so I treated the girls and their daddy to McDonald's breakfast. Everyone dove in to their breakfast, enjoying the change from bananas and cereal or frozen waffles. Everyone, that is, except me. I, of course, have guilty feelings when I eat at a place like McDonald's. I enjoy my food, but with every bite there's the inevitable thoughts that come. I shouldn't be eating this, it's too fattening. I'm always complaining about not losing weight and yet I'm eating junk. Why can't bran cereal and wheat germ taste this good?

And then I looked at my daughter. She clearly has no such thoughts.

"Yaaaayyy! Cinnamon rolls! You rock, Mom!"

"Oh, these are so good...I can't get enough!"

"Eating food this good makes me want to party!"

"What? That's it? They're gone?"

She taught me a valuable lesson yesterday. Life is too short to worry and feel guilty about silly things. You gotta dive in with gusto and appreciate the simple things in life. And while I'm not going to start eating junk for every meal, the next time you see me at McDonald's, don't be surprised if I'm wearing that Big Mac container on my head!

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