Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Stuff I Sell

Most of the things I have made are for people I know. Most of the time, I have given a stool or a canvas as a birthday or a new baby gift. On occasion, one of these friends will ask me to make one so they can give it to someone they know. I have had numerous people tell me I should sell them...but where? I talked to a store owner and found that I would have to charge more than I feel comfortable asking just to break even. I went to a couple of trade shows...but people like them personalized and that's hard to do when you have no clue who your clientele will be.
So after much thought, I decided the web was the place to advertise. This way, I get to create custom ordered items and charge a price I feel comfortable asking.

Bear with me...I'm still learning how to navigate the website. I am not sure how to post all my pictures without taking up the entire page. I have more ideas than pictures and would most like to create the things YOU want. To match your child's room and/or personality. So let me know what you are thinking! How can I make this better? What do you want to see?

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Patricia Stuever said...

If your making stuff to sell try WWW.ETSY.COM it's like ebay for artists and it's like 20cent per item for like 6 months.