Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I used to run alot. I never considered myself a runner, mainly because I don't have a runner's body or any natural running ability. But I enjoyed it, ran long distances, and was in pretty good shape. Before children.
But I've been wanting to get back to running and thought about training for a half marathon in the fall. Well, it's about to be fall and while I have been working out and even running some, I'm not really in "training mode."
So when my friend emailed me and asked if I'd consider doing the Tulsa Run with her in October, I was excited. Honestly, totally excited. I got on the treadmill the very next day and did 2 miles. A far cry from the 10 and 15 mile runs I used to do on a Saturday morning, but still. It's a start. I printed off Hal Higdon's novice 15K training schedule. I am ready for this. And the bonus is that I'll be ready for the half marathon in December because what's 4 more miles, right?
Yeah, well, that would be right if I was about 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter. I pulled a muscle yesterday. Running? No. Lifting weights? No. You wanna know how? During a game of Mario Party 8 with my 4 year old and my husband. Yeah, that's right. I beat them both. So of course, I had to jump up and do the old "former cheerleader" bounce with my hands in the air just to taunt both of them and remind them how awesome I am. Just as the "hoo" from the "woo hoo" shot from my mouth, something went terribly wrong and I went down like a bad Goodyear (as my brother likes to say). Apparently, if you are just about to be 35 and you are 20 pounds overweight, you should properly stretch your calves and hammies before you go bouncing around like a teenage idiot.
I hope there are lots of paramedics at the Tulsa Run.

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