Friday, August 24, 2007

Brent and Darla

This is Brent and Darla. Of course, those aren't their real names. I would never name my daughter Brent because she isn't a boy (although she wishes she was) and since the younger one isn't one of the Little Rascals, I didn't name her Darla. It's a lovely name, but it's not hers.
But today, according to my oldest, their names are Brent and Darla. They are married, although Darla is only 6. Brent had to marry her to take care of her because she's really still just a baby. He's 10 and much more sophisticated in the ways of the world than Darla. Brent's job entails cleaning the sink and Darla is his loyal helper. She runs really fast on the treadmill too, apparently. Darla's biggest downfall in this marriage is that she doesn't listen to Brent much. He tells her what to do, but she really kind of does her own thing. She's very combative at home, to hear Brent tell it. But can you really blame her? They have 5 children at home and all of them are 5 years old. Brent says the kids themselves slap each other every day and Darla won't let Brent put them to bed. They have to sleep on the floor. So Brent is a bit frustrated and Darla seems to be indifferent to the whole situation. It's a pickle they're in, that's for sure.

These kids crack me up!

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