Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heidi Klum

I love Heidi Klum. Not LOVE, love, but you know. Not because she's beautiful (I usually hate people for that reason), but because she seems really sincere, funny, laid back, and happy. I like that in a person. I'm not sure I understand the attraction to Seal, but hey, to each his own, right?
Anyway, as you may or may not be aware, Heidi has come out with her own skincare line. I saw her promoting it on Ellen one day and she was so excited about it, I thought I would try it.
I just got it in the mail last week...and guess what? I've been using it for a week, and while I do think some of the products are good, I don't look any more like Heidi Klum than I did the last week. I also developed a new zit. It goes really well with all the others I've developed in the last few years. Not to mention my new glasses.
Speaking of the new glasses. I picked them up at the mall yesterday. When we got home, I put them on and Avery died laughing. She said "Oh, Mom, those are really hilarious!" I said, "Why are you laughing at me?" She said "Uh, Mom, don't you remember? We laughed at you in the store too. They are really funny." (NOTE: This is true. When I tried on the first pair of glasses, Reese started belly laughing really loud, as if I were the most hilarious person on earth. That does alot for the ol' self esteem, let me tell you.)
I don't have a prayer. Dangit.

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