Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What The...?

If you have children, then you've had those moments. Those times when you come across something in your house and all that comes to mind is, "What the _____?" Sometimes, you sigh, shrug your shoulders and ask "Why?" But I don't recommend that you ask why. Unless you want the explanation, which is only slightly more frustrating than whatever you are sighing over in the first place.
Over the past few days, I decided to document a few of these moments.

I like to call this one Balls in a Toilet.

I know what this is. It's a picture of Max (of Max and Ruby fame) printed from the computer. But what's with all the tape? Who said they could use the tape anyway? Or print? And why is it just randomly affixed to a wall no one looks at?

I like this one. It's the Cowardly Lion driving Dora's van. Well, technically he's not driving. He's in the passenger seat. He's probably waiting for the Tin Man to finish his weekly greasing at Jiffy Lube. Or he's sleeping one off, knowing he's a prime target for DUI if he passes out in the driver's seat.

I think this speaks for itself. Unless you think someone spilled a drink on the couch. They didn't.

I made the mistake of asking 'why' on this one. The answer? "I am thirsty."
Told you - NEVER ask why.
Enjoy...there will be lots more where these came from!


Dodi said...

Love the pictures. I bought 6 4 packs of tape after X-mas. I can't find one to wrap a present. Washington Dodi

Aunt La La said...

How is it that I run a daycare and you still have way more interesting stories than I do???? My kids must be boring!