Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Dishwasher

What is it with kids and the dadgum dishwasher? Somehow, I guess I've forgotten going through this with my other two kids, because it's got me completely baffled, frustrated and irritated as if it's never happened before. Rhett is obsessed with the dishwasher. If he hears it open he crawls, as fast as his thunder thighs will let him into the kitchen so he can "help me." I spend the entire time alternating between loading/unloading dishes, picking them up off of the floor to re-wash or re-load, and keeping him from climbing on the door.

It's worse if I'm not in the kitchen.

If I lock the dishwasher, he turns it on. At any time of the day, I might walk into the kitchen and notice that the dishwasher is running. We do lots of small washes. The other day, I put away three knives and a sippy cup. Energy conservation does not seem to be high on Rhett's list of priorities.

Look at his's like he is trying to find just the right setting. "Hmmm...pots and pans or normal wash?"

If I leave it unlocked, here's what happens:

You know that can't be good for the door.

My only consolation, besides knowing he will grow out of it (sob!), is thinking that he might not grow out of it. And he'll be my little helper in the kitchen. Big Tuna, the dishwasher. Yeah, that'll happen.

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