Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Graduate

Avery graduated from Pre-school Thursday night. It was quite a production. Caps and gowns, diplomas and a shiny new bible given to each graduate by the lead pastor. It's a Christian Pre-school, so they all sang lots of songs about the Bible and Jesus and stuff. At the end of each class' performance, they had each child come up to the front and say his/her name. They asked each child what they wanted to be when they grew up. It was the usual stuff - mommy, teacher, cop, firefighter, doctor. Avery's choice was rock star. She told her teacher and I that's what she wanted to be. So of course, that's what I expected her to say when she was called to the front of the stage. But when Miss Shannon (her teacher) asked her what she wanted to be, she said "police officer." I've never heard her say that before. Now, she did pick a cop outfit for her Build A Bear when we went last month, but she never talks about being a policeman. I asked her after the ceremony if that's really what she wanted to be and she said "Oh, yeah, I guess so." I said "What happened to the rock star thing?" She said "I got stage fright. I wanted to say it, but I just got scared." I guess even she knows that maybe saying you want to be a rock star at a Christian Preschool graduation would seem sacriligious, at best. At any rate, you and I know the truth. Her public persona is policewoman-in-training, but we all know there's a rock star deep inside her.
Here are some pictures from the big event. Enjoy!

P.S. Smile now, because my next blog is going to be about Big Tuna's devastating trip to the emergency clinic last night.

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