Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yesterday, I had to go grocery shopping. It was one of those times when I didn't really want to go, especially with all three kids, but there were things we had to have and I couldn't wait until after boot camp to go. Anyway, as usual, I dug through my coupons to see if I could save any money. I found a Kroger coupon for a free package of Oreos. Now, I've been on a fairly strict diet for the past 4-5 weeks and have tried really hard to keep my favorites (Oreos are on the top of the list) out of the house. But a free package? You can't really pass that up, can you? Besides, my kids and husband love them too. I won't even eat any. Probably.
Ok, so we're at the store. I picked the mint-filled Oreos because, even though I'm not going to eat any, they are my very favorite. After ringing up the groceries, the very young checkout boy asked if I had any coupons. I handed my stack to him. The Oreo coupon was the very last one. He tried to scan it and handed it back to me. I said "Why are you handing this back to me?" He said "You didn't get these." As if the free Oreos would have been the item I would have forgotten. Soy milk, yes, Oreos, never.
The Oreos weren't bagged yet, so I pointed at them and said "They are right there." He said "Oh, ok. Hang on." He tried to scan it again. It didn't work, so he looked at the coupon and handed it back to me. "You're supposed to get the Kroger brand." Now, I'm not usually one to sit and argue if they refuse a coupon. It's usually something I needed anyway, plus I feel bad holding up the line. There were three people waiting in line behind me. My girls were running around, hiding from each other, and shrieking every time they found one another. I should have left. I should have just said "Forget it" and told him to take the Oreos off of my bill. But I wanted them. And the only way I could justify getting them was because they were free. Not because of the money, but because of the diet. How can you claim to be a healthy eater and bring home a pack of Oreos?
So I responded, "It says Oreos on the coupon. The Kroger brand are not called Oreos." (I don't know what the Kroger brand is called, but the Wal Mart brand is Twist and Shout. My brother, Josh, bought Twist and Shouts when I came to stay with him just so we could laugh about it.)
Young Checkout Boy said "Oh, ok. Hang on." He tried to scan it again. It didn't work. He goes "Oh, I think it's because they have the green inside and maybe you have to get the plain."
My heart skipped a beat, I felt my face getting hot, and I said in a very firm voice. "Come on, Dude. (Yes, I called him dude...I was trying to connect on a younger level.) The coupon doesn't say it has to be plain. It says Oreo Sandwich Cookie and those are obviously Oreo Sandwich Cookies. I'm going to get that package right there for free. If we need to call the manager, we can, but I'm not paying for them and I'm not leaving them here."
I really said that. Over a pack of Oreos.
He didn't call the manager. He just voided the Oreos and bagged them up. As I walked out, I imagined I could hear him and his equally young bag-boy friend laughing at me. "How about the fat lady that yelled at me over a bag of Oreos?" I didn't care. Not much, anyway. One of these days he may be overweight and on a budget and he will get it. Or not. At any rate, I have my Oreos. And I haven't touched them. Yet.

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