Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat

I love all of my kids equally. Seriously. But sometimes, one of them just surprises me, tickles me, impresses me, irritates me, etc. just a little more than the others. Know what I mean? It's not that one of them is better or worse than the others, it's just at times, one shines a little more than the others. Like at the Fall Festival, even though it was Reese's birthday, Avery's rock wall adventure was clearly the highlight of the evening. And like, almost every day of the week, just by sitting around being a smiling chub, Rhett is such a hit around the house.

Well, last night was Trick or Treat. And I have to say that, although all three of my kids looked (in my humble opinion) adorable, it was clearly Reesie who stole the show. Just look at her.

In case you were just born yesterday and haven't seen The Wizard of Oz 876 times, she is Dorothy. (Hey, a man actually asked who she was supposed to be last night. And he was old enough to be my father. Maybe he didn't recognize her in color.) And if you weren't born yesterday and you have seen it 876 times, is she not the most adorable Dorothy you've ever seen? (Unless, of course, you or your child were Dorothy at any point in your life. In that case, you can say Reese is the 2nd most adorable Dorothy you've ever seen.)

Reese/Dorothy was in rare form last night. The moment she put on that dress, she preened and pranced in delight. She loved her shoes and, even though I expected she would rip them out the second I put them in, she even seemed to enjoy the braids. We didn't pass any group of Trick or Treaters without her shouting out a gleeful "HEY!" or "MO CANNY!" (More Candy...she and her sister have read Jerry Seinfeld's Halloween so many times, they both have it memorized. Their favorite line is GET MORE CANDY!) I realized about 4 houses in that this was really Reese's first Halloween. Technically, it was her 3rd (her first was when she was 5 days old) but tonight was the first night she really "got it." And boy, did she get it.

We brought our double stroller, but Reese/Dorothy didn't want to ride. I was afraid these $9 red glittery shoes might rub blisters on her sensitive feet, but she didn't seem to notice. If she knew how to skip, that's what I would say she was doing. But she doesn't know how to skip. All I can say is that she looked like she was actually on the yellow brick road, swinging her basket and greeting anyone who passed.

She would walk up to someone's door, say "Teet," get her candy, come down the walk, swinging her basket, waving cheerfully and yelling "KEEK YOU MUCH!" (Thank you much!) She was precious. I don't think we passed one single group of people without at least one of them making a comment on her cuteness.

She followed her sister tirelessly. She fell once and lost her shoe about three times. But that didn't slow her down. When her big sister tripped over a huge rock in someone's yard, she came over, hugged her sister and helped her pick up her candy, saying "Hep you, A?" (Help you, Avery?) She was awesome. They all were.
I never got a picture of all three of them together because there it was just way too hectic. Rhett wanted to be carried, Reese wanted to do her own thing, and Avery was the ring leader, in too big of a hurry to stop for pics. So I just did the best I can. Here are my little Spiderman ("I'll tell everyone I'm Spiderman girl because they can't see that I'm Avery and I'm a girl"), the Cowardly Lion, who hated every (waking) minute of it and rubbed the black off of his nose and it mixed with snot so he had dried gray gunk all over his face. And he was still the cutest lion in town.

And here's one more shot of Dorothy. Enjoy! :)


haley said...

They look great, and I must admit Reese is the cutest Dorothy I've seen! Jadyn was Spiderman too... Crazy girls!!

Aunt La La said...

ahhhh they are all precious but that smile on her face is priceless...I know it just makes your heart melt when you see the innocence and their faces light up. Reesie finally gets trick or treat!! I love it!!

P.S. I might need her to give Cash a few pointers...I believe he and Rhett have the same feelings about it!!