Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm A Wreck

I am an emotional wreck lately. Monday, I found out about my Nana being sick. I sat in my hairdresser's chair and bawled for the better part of a foil highlight. Tuesday morning, my husband made a decision that he has been wrestling with for the past year. It was one of those decisions that he didn't want to ever have to make. One that, while benefitting him and our family, doesn't make anybody happy. But he did it. The relief on his face and in his voice when he stated his decision sent me to the tub to cry where he couldn't see me.
Last night, I read an article about adoption in Redbook and cried through the whole thing. This morning, I started to watch a new Brad Paisley/Sara Evans music video on YouTube and when I saw the first three seconds, with Jesus carrying the cross, bloody and exhausted, I teared up and turned it off because I don't have time to wail this morning. What is going on with me?
I haven't acted this emotionally since I was pregnant. Oh no. No way. No, I'm not. It's really not possible. I mean, I suppose it's always possible for a married woman of childbearing age. But I'm not. I'm really not. And if, by some amazing chance, I am, I know one vasectomy doctor in the DFW area who is getting a huge wedgie.

I AM NOT PREGNANT. NOT PREGNANT. For real, I'm not. Really. Just emotional. Lots going on. Holidays, family, etc. Or maybe it's pre-menopause. WAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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Aunt La-La said...

Oh my honey....calm down...calm down...if you are pregnant then I will be in redbook in 10 months about adopting my sisters precious baby...:) smile I love you!!!