Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Out of the Mouths....

Reese has never been a big talker. In fact, I remember being at her 12 month check-up and the doctor mentioning that she probably should be saying more words and that if, by her 2 year check-up, she still wasn't saying more, we would "take action." Luckily, I never found out what that action would be, because she did start talking. We usually celebrate and get real excited about every little thing she says, probably because of our fear that she would never actually speak. She talks a lot now, and has finally started putting two or three words together. Like "Me do it!" or "No I not!" Today, she said what I consider to be her first "real" sentence using correct verbage and sentence structure.

Before I tell you what her first sentence was, I must issue this disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse this sentence. I won't mention any names in order to protect the person named in this sentence, but alot of you will know who she is talking about anyway. I won't tell you if this sentence is accurate, only that we were in the car, so I can attest to the fact that she was not reporting something that had happened at that time because it was just the kids and me. I do not know if she was, perhaps, just making a statement about something that may or may not have occurred in her past. I have been told that certain traumatic events in a child's life will bury themselves deep within that child's psyche, only to be regurgitated at a later time when the child is ready to process said information. At any rate, this is what she yelled, clear as a bell, for no apparent reason at all:


I think, when her daddy reads this, he won't worry about being thrown under the bus. I think he'll think "Woo hoo! Our kid can really talk! No costly speech classes for us!!" That's what I thought anyway.

And Babe, if you do feel like you've been thrown under the bus, I apologize. I apologize for having such a big mouth (is it considered having a big mouth if I am typing it?). I apologize for not keeping anything in our life sacred. I apologize for producing offspring who pay more attention to bodily functions than can be considered normal.
But in all fairness, it's not my fault that she chose that to be her first sentence. I had to post it. It was such a monumental moment. And people know you're human. And a man. Love ya.

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Aunt La-La said...

LOL oh poor A-Rock!! However I am so proud of Reesie for saying a full sentence!! She is really getting into this talking!!!