Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Musical Beds

My husband snores. Usually, it's because he's lying on his back, so all I have to do is nudge him and he'll roll over and it stops. Not last night. He was roaring like a freight train and he was already on his side. I knew it was useless to even try to sleep in our bed, so I moved to the girls' room. I'm not sure why I chose their room. I should have known that wouldn't be comfortable or enjoyable in any way, but I was tired and in the mood to snuggle.
After a couple of hours of continous wiggling, whining, and sweating, I left. I shuffled down the hall to the office/guest bed and fell into bed. Not before I saw the clock. 1:47 a.m. I still, to my knowledge, had not been to sleep. I knew I would fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, unless one of the kids....yep. Avery heard me leave her bed and wanted to come in the office with me. Ok, fine. We'll bunk together in the twin. No problem. And it was fine.
Until about 3:30, when Reese realized she was alone in her bed and started howling for her daddy (she is SUCH a Daddy's girl). She wasn't pleased when she got me instead, but after a few minutes of consoling her, she went back to sleep.
But her howling had awakened her baby brother. So I got up, patted him for what seemed like an eternity, and crawled back into Reese's bed, where I slept, fitfully, for the next 4 hours until a ringing phone jolted me out of my coma.
So I'm awake, but barely. I had big plans of painting my new table and going to the grocery store for Thanksgiving food (and those Breathe Right Nose Strips for my husband. I don't care if he looks like a retired NFL player in them, he's wearing them!) but right now all I want to do is lay on the couch all day, watching old movies and pigging out on Mazzio's pizza like I used to do in the old college hangover days.
I think I can make it work...I won't be watching old movies, I'll be watching PBS Kids. And I won't be pigging out on Mazzio's because we don't have it down here, and if I did pig out on Mazzio's all day, I'd gain 42 pounds. And I won't get to lay on the couch all day, because Rhett has to be fed and changed and held (he's so demanding!). But I can make it work. Sort of. Maybe.

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