Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor Baby - Post 2 for Today

As if Reesie wasn't neglected enough, what with the sleeping in chairs and on the floor.
Now, we must add her misfortune of having a mother who ignores her medical needs. Today was her 2-year-old well check visit. She was fairly whiny this morning, but today is a school day for her sister and she is almost always whiny on those days. She doesn't like to wake up early and she doesn't like leaving her sister at school, so I just thought she was being her usual "I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays" self. But when I got to the doctor and they started her checkup, the nurse looked at me and asked me if she had been sick. I said no, but at that moment, I looked at Reesie's little face and she looked sick. Fever sick. You know how they look, with that watery, glazed expression in their little eyes? That was Reesie. And God love her, I had not noticed it all morning. I had been too busy getting them dressed, making Avery's lunch for school, and getting everyone's breakfast to even really look closely at her. But she was definitely not looking good and when the nurse took her temperature, it read 101. I felt so bad. I mentioned that she had had diarrhea yesterday a couple of times, but Reese always has tummy issues and that was nothing unusual. Or so I thought.
The doctor came and looked at her and while she did have a bit of a red throat, she tested negative for strep, so he just said to keep an eye on her. Little did he know that he was talking to the most neglectful, selfish mother in the world and that I had no intention of keeping an eye on her. No sirree, instead of coming home and rocking that poor baby, I put her in the chair to watch a show while I fed Rhett and got myself some lunch. I was straightening up the kitchen and sending IMs to my sister and in general just ignoring my children, when I realized that it had been a while since I had checked on her. I was hoping that the Motrin had knocked her out so she could get some rest. Not for my own selfish reasons, of course, but because that will help her feel better.
I walked into the living room to check on her and saw that she was still awake, sucking her fingers and watching TV. I went over to ask her if she wanted some juice or yogurt and noticed that she looked kind of messy. I got closer and realized that she had thrown up all over her shirt, pants and the chair. And hadn't said a word or made so much as a whimper. Bless her little middle child heart. She has gotten so used to being ignored, that she doesn't even tell someone when she pukes. I'm so sorry, Reesie. I vow to spend the rest of today holding you and loving on you and making sure you know how important you are to me.
Except for when I have to pick up Avery. And feed your brother. And change his pants. And fold the laundry. And make the dinner.
Other than that, I'm all yours..

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