Friday, November 16, 2007

Recent Pictures

While none of these pictures has much of a story on its own, I love all of them and couldn't stand not sharing them.

I'm not sure why Reese's shirts end up like this. Almost daily, she comes in all tangled up like this, begging for someone to "hep me!"

Here are the girls making cookies for Avery's school Thanksgiving feast.

Reese helped. After making a few cookies, she realized that icing the cookies with frosting and decorating with sprinkles and then eating the cookies was the long way. She decided on a more direct route. Drink sprinkles directly from bottle. Quicker sugar rush. Yum.

This picture actually has a story, but it's one I'd rather not tell. The short version is that this is my friend Erin, kissing my sweet boy on the cheek that wasn't rammed into the entertainment cabinet. Poor, sweet baby. He just wants to crawl!
On the bright side, his "scar" makes him look really menacing and tough.

Let's end on a happy note. Have a great day!

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