Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yesterday, this laundry basket had one pair of sizt 2T capris in the bottom. That's it. That's as caught up as you can be on laundry without everyone walking around naked all day, right?
This is the laundry basket today. Seriously.

How does this happen in less than 24 hours? Oh yeah. The 5 people living in this house. Who spit up, spill juice, dig in dirt, work out, sweat and bathe daily. I know this and yet, I'm still in awe of the fact that a basket of laundry, which was virtually empty a day ago, can fill to overflowing this quickly.

Thank God for last year's Valentine's Day and my two energy efficient, maximum capacity best friends in the whole world. I would hug and kiss them if it wouldn't be so weird. I mean it. I LOVE them. They are, without a doubt, the very best Valentine's Day gifts I've ever gotten in my life. (Please don't pity me for this comment. It's just that perfume, chocolates and flowers have never, ever given me a hand accomplishing household chores.)

I'll never forget the moment when, my husband woke me one Sunday morning after an early trip to Home Depot. He whispered the most beautiful words I've ever heard, words which still send a chill up my spine when I think about them. "Babe, the washer and dryer you want are on sale at Home Depot and we're going to get them today."

That basket will be empty again tonight, thanks to these bad boys. They are the only way a family of five can NOT drown in a sea of laundry. I still get excited when I think of all I can get done in one load. It's thrilling.

Ok, I changed my mind. I think it's appropriate for you to pity me now. I have officially become a desperate housewife. Still, February 14, 2007 will forever remain the best Valentine's Day ever. Unless, by some chance, they come up with a machine that folds the laundry. That would be off the charts.

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you know said...

You officially are at the point of acting your age...all these years 10 years hasnt seperated us at all until this post!!!!