Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor Baby

If you hadn't just seen a post about our recent bunk bed purchase, you might wonder if this kid even has a place to sleep.
Here she is at dinner Sunday night. One minute she was talking to her sister, the next minute she was out. It was literally seconds from words to sleep. We kept waiting for her face to fall into her dinner plate, but no such luck. She held her head firm the entire time. And of course, when we carried her to bed, she lost her mind, screaming "No peep, no peep!" (No sleep) as if she wasn't tired at all and we were nuts for trying to put her to bed so early.

Here she is napping with her brother. They both fell asleep mid-cry on the living room floor. Reese was in trouble. We had spent about an hour the previous day rolling up about $80 in change and I caught Reese unrolling each roll, one by one. So she got in trouble...and went to the living room to commiserate with her brother, who was already crying b/c I had to throw him down on the floor as I ran to the kitchen to stop Reese from covering our kitchen cabinet with pennies.
It's kind of sad how they ended up here, but don't they look precious?
I've got to find out how she does this. I can't fall asleep in random spots to save my life. I take Ambien half the time just to get a good night's sleep in my own bed, for crying out loud. Maybe when she can say something more than "NO!" or "My daddy tooted!" she'll let me in on her secret.

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