Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wake Up Call

I usually don't set my alarm, but today I did. I am at my brother, Josh's house, and he left at 5:45 for the fire station, so I had to set my alarm for 7:00 to make sure to get his kids up and ready for daycare. (I hope sending them to daycare doesn't make me a bad aunt, but I don't want the kids to get sick of each other too quickly-and their mother convinced me that I would need the break!)

Turns out I didn't need an alarm clock at all. At 6:30 this morning, I awakened to a cute little voice yelling "Wet pants! Wet pants! Wet pants!" It was almost to the rhythym of a cuckoo clock or something. It was my nephew, looking for his parents, demanding some dry pants.

I got up, stripped him of the offending pants, threw him in the tub and began washing sheets. His dad told me to really get on to him and to make him be in trouble and make sure he knows he's supposed to get up and go to the bathroom. I didn't. Could you get on to this face?
He's a mess. But, by far, the cutest mess in town.


corts mommy said...

oh Dode i dont blame you, i dont know how they ever get on to him.

Aunt La La said...

he is such a doll....I am glad you are the aunt that had to clean the sheets, but he is too precious to get on to!!

Haley said...

yea Dodi, i really think it's precious that you're filling in for Em, but seriously, get on the blog. i need some entertainment.