Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Best Babysitter in the World

Spending 5 days with 5 kids all under the age of 5 can be a bit daunting at times. Thank goodness Josh and Emily have such a great babysitter to give me a break now and then. It's right in the backyard and it's always available, and it's free. Dirty, but free. Who is this fabulous, on-site sitter?
Yep, it's a mud hole. Josh hates it because it's supposed to be his yard. They just built a new house and the yard hasn't been completed yet. In fact, it hasn't even been started because, as you can see, there are some drainage issues and water pools in several places. He hates it, but it was the highlight of our trip. Avery asked if we could dig a hole in our backyard when we got home. God love my poor city kids. We have a mall, McDonald's, tons of parks and playgrounds in our area, and what do they love the most? A mud hole in Oklahoma. Reese wasn't so sure she loved it. She wanted to get in, but freaked out when her socks and shoes got stuck in the mud.

JD is used to it. He wasn't that impressed by the mud hole, but seemed to enjoy the fact that he was allowed to jump in it and get as messy as he could without getting into any trouble at all.
And as for Macy B. I think this was her first trip into the mud hole. I don't think I need to explain to you how much she enjoyed it.
Yeah, she's eating it. She'll eat just about anything.
I posted this today because her mom is en route from Houston to Oklahoma and I'm hoping that she won't have a chance to read this today. And she'll never know what I allowed her precious baby girl to do while I was in charge.

And Em, if you are reading this? I'm sorry I let her eat the mud. (I didn't say it was ok, but seriously, would you have gone in after her?) I'm sorry she was so filthy. But she was soooo happy. And the clothes got clean, if you can believe that. And I didn't notice any signs of dysentery or malaria from eating the mud.

Yeah, it was a mess. But totally worth it. One hour of fuss-free, tattle-free, whine-free, little-kids-belly-laughing bliss. Totally worth it.


Aunt La-La said...

I LOVE Nervous Nelly!!!

M said...

It looks like Reese was the only one who was concerned with what aunt Emily might think. It's amazing how cheap kids can entertain themselves when they get the chance. Love it! The "picture" you made was perfect...thanks for the wonderful work and looking up the perfect design!!!!