Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Monitors...CONTEST!

Yesterday, I overheard my oldest daughter trying to play "walkie talkie" with the baby monitor. She would go in Rhett's room and I could hear her tell him "I think Momma is going to make you stay in here by yourself, but I'm going to tell her to get you." And then she would yell into the monitor, "MOM, RHETT IS AWAKE AND HE WANTS YOU." And then she would come into the bedroom and say "Mom, Rhett wants you!" I told her I needed to finish drying my hair and I would go get him. So she went to the receiver and yelled into it. "RHETT, MOMMA IS COMING AND SHE WILL BE THERE WHEN SHE GETS HER HAIR DONE." Obviously, you can't talk into that part of it, but she doesn't know that and I thought it was funny.
I love to listen to my kids on the monitor when they don't know I'm listening...that's the best part. And sometimes, you can catch other things without even meaning too. I once heard someone tell my oldest daughter "I wouldn't like you either if you were my sister," on the baby monitor. She doesn't know I was listening because I never told her I heard it, but you can bet I'll always have that monitor on when and if she's around again.
Now, I know there are tons of you out there who much better, much more fun baby monitor story. Mine don't hold a candle to what I imagine is out there...I'm holding a contest to see who has the best baby monitor story. It doesn't have to be funny. It can be embarrassing or even kind of ugly.
Send me an email at dodiajackson@yahoo.com or leave a comment on this post.
Here's an example from a friend of mine.
My mother in law was visiting and was dying to get the baby up. He sleeps in our room, so we handed the baby over and went back to bed. We are never alone, so we decided to "utilize" this time together without the baby sandwiched between us. After about 30-45 minutes of alone time, we went downstairs to check on MIL and baby. I noticed the baby monitor turned on sitting on the table next to her. The receiver is next to our bed. She had heard the whole thing. The discussions about her AND the "utilized time" between my husband and I.
That, folks, is a good baby monitor story. My friend is currently in first place and she didn't even know about this contest! And I'll never tell who it is, so don't even ask.

Ok, so I want to hear something good today. My kids are sick AGAIN and I have nothing to do but read email and medicate babies....come on, people, fulfill my day! :)


windycindy said...

Good Evening! One experience with baby monitors brings back memories and still makes me smile. We lived in a new neighborhood in a 90 year old house and that is where our two sons entered our lives! The neighborhood was a quaint place with mixed ages of people. I loved it. We had our first born son and I was for my age ( 32 ), very nervous and felt very unprepared to care for this tiny person. We hadn't lived in the house very long, so we only saw neighbors coming and going, but hadn't really met them. One night, my husband and I kept hearing our baby on the monitor! I was the one who quickly raced to his room every time even a "squeak" came out of him. I literally went up those steps 50 times!!!!! My husband began to wonder what was going on. He is an electrical engineer and that is how he thinks. We finally realized that someone near us in the neighborhood had a baby and we were hearing theirs, not ours! I wonder if they ever heard our baby.....Cindi :)

Lukey said...

Baby monitors are so good for peace of mind. We can't imagine not having ours. We have a video monitor too for times when we like to keep a real eye on him!