Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Best Part of Waking Up

Because I have three children and what I think is a slight case of insomnia, I rarely wake up ready to get out of bed. I usually get up and immediately wish for 2 or 6 more hours of sleep. It's not that I get up at the crack of dawn, it's that I have a really, really hard time getting to sleep at night, plus, I have three kids and most nights, at least one of them wakes me up in the middle of the night. So I'm always tired in the mornings. This morning was no exception. Today was a school day, so I was awakened by the alarm and Rhett simultaneously. My first instinct was to shut off the alarm, shut off the baby monitor and forget about school. But I didn't. My husband was home today getting ready for a business trip, so I couldn't be the loser mom I wanted to be without him knowing about it. So I got up.
And you know what I noticed? No matter what kind of mood I wake up in, these crazy kids of mine can manage to put a smile on my face. See if it works for you...
Look at this face. She is ready for school. She is always ready for school. This morning, she saw a bus outside and was convinced it was for her. "Mom, there's a bus! Remember? I have to ride the bus to the pumpkin patch? I think I have to get on that bus." Her class is going on a field trip October 30 and they are riding a bus and it's all I ever hear about. If we see a bus anywhere, she wonders aloud "Mom, is that the bus I'm going to ride to the pumpkin patch?" I finally got her to believe that the bus she saw was not the field trip/pumpkin patch bus, but we still had to run outside and check. Plus, I think she looks so darn cute (I want this outfit for myself), I had to snap a waiting-on-the-nonexistent-field-trip-bus-before-school picture. It makes me smile.

And then there's this guy. I have started adding fruit to his cereal. And his eyes literally roll back in his head when he takes a bite. If there's one thing this kid enjoys, it's a good meal. He doesn't make much of a mess because he doesn't want to miss a bite. This morning was no exception. This makes me smile.

And last but certainly not least. My little sleepy head. Reesie sleeps later than anyone. I usually have to wake her up. If I don't, she'll sleep until 9:30 or 10:00. On school mornings, I have to wake her up a few times to get her out of bed. Her daddy got her up this morning. And if this doesn't make you smile, then you just aren't trying.

Smile! And have a great day!!


Cort's mommy said... cute! I love how sweet and innocent kids are! I wish I was like that!

M said...

Those are the cutest darn kids ever...I miss them so much! I can't believe how big they're getting and that I'm missing it. I wish my kids would still wake up happy and full of life...but they're old enough to know what the day holds!
love ya

windycindy said...

Hello! Yes, they do make me smile! My friend has an in home daycare and when I need a kid fix, I go visit the children she watches. I come home in a wonderful mood. Enjoy them! Cindi :)