Friday, October 5, 2007


Is there anything better than a sister? If you don't have a sister, then I hope that your brother gets married and you love his wife as much as I love my brothers' wives. If you don't have a brother, then I suggest adopting a sister. If you can't afford to adopt a sister, then I will send you mine for a weekend. There's nothing quite like the relationship between sisters.
Sometimes it's hard. You know that thing between girls that sometimes gets in the way of your relationship? It happens with best friends, roommates, and inevitably, sisters. I think it happens in every family. With two girls, you have the "girl thing" and the "sibling thing to deal with." It's a complicated, frustrating, emotional, beautiful relationship.
My baby sister and I are very different in some ways. And exactly the same in others. She got married right out of high school; I waited until I was almost 30. She lives in the same town we grew up in; I moved out as soon as I could. I am loud and obnoxious and silly; she is definitely funny, but is more reserved. How could she not be more reserved with me hogging all the attention? My mom and I could talk for days about hair, makeup, decorating, people, relationships, etc. My sister thinks we talk too much. I like to read celebrity magazines and gossip about their lives. My sister could have known about Brad and Angelina and wouldn't have told anyone....or known who Brad and Angelina were. I like to drink beer and dance on tables until 4 in the morning (only in P-town, of course). She drinks a few beers on occasion and usually shuts it down early, like a normal person. We have differing opinions on exercise, health, and our upbringing. She thinks I'm too bossy and I don't think she listens to me like she should.
But last weekend, I stayed at her house instead of with my mom. And it was the best three days we've ever had together, I think. We were so "in sync", for lack of a better term the whole weekend. We each let each other go our own way and what's funny, when we stop trying to figure each other out, we find that going our own way is actually pretty similar. We agree on the basics of child-raising, cooking, family life, and most of the important things in life.
My sister is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. I worry about her and want to boss her because I love her so much. And I'm the big sister. It used to be my job to take care of her. It's not anymore and I'm kind of glad. Because now I get to be her friend.

All my sisters...the one on the left is my biological "baby" sister and the other two cuties are my brothers' wives. They are as fun and sweet as they are fabulous to look at! :)


baby sista said...

Ahhhh you are so sweet...i finally got the blog i have been begging for...he he he...i love being your baby sister. You are the best. Kiss your babies for me!!!

betsy said...

O i loved this blog too! So sweet I love Sisters.