Thursday, October 25, 2007

Miss Organization

I have returned from Oklahoma with a complete obsession with having everything in my house completely organized. I'm an organization freak anyway, but since having all the kids, I've kind of given up. But after being at Josh and Emily's new, perfectly organized, everything-has-it's-place, Pottery Barn house, I am determined to have every nook and cranny of this house organized. At least by the time I have my fourth child. HAHAHAHAHA. (Just kidding, Babe...making sure you were paying attention.)
So, first I started with the junk drawer. I don't know why I didn't think of this, but Em has put all the pencils and pens and markers in a school box inside the junk drawer. Mine were everywhere, just haphazardly thrown in there and you could never find anything to write with when you needed it. Not to mention how hard it was to find a clean piece of paper to write on if you were ever lucky enough to find a pen or pencil. Or crayon. Here's the drawer now.

I'm mighty proud of it and so excited about it, I look in it several times a day. You can't believe how many things I've just had to write down since I organized the drawer. There is not a crayon or random screw or torn coupon to be found. It's wonderful.
Then I moved on to the kids art cabinet, which was really a catch-all for their markers, paints and junk. Anything that was theirs that didn't have a place went here. It was disgusting. But look at it now.
The beauty of it makes me feel calm inside. In fact, from now on, instead of having a drink to relax, I think I will just organize something and stare at it until serenity takes over. (Yeah, right.)

I spent all of yesterday organizing the kids' closets. The weather has officially changed and I took out all summer clothes and put in winter clothes. We tried on and threw out clothes that don't fit. I organized Avery's old clothes by size and put them in bins to save for Reese later. I cleaned out Aaron's clothes and mine and got ready to put things in a garage sale.
Guess what I am doing today? Toys. ARGH. Is there any way any good can come from this? I know I will be irritated and stressed trying to find all the fake Operation money and the teeny tiny pieces to the dollhouse. But I'm going to do it. And if it gets to be too much, I'll visit my junk drawer.

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M said...

YOu are by far way too bored with me gone. I will visit soon. Just don't lose your mind before I get there! I miss you!