Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Walking to School

We live in very near the school where Avery is in Kindergarten. People always say "Oh, that's so nice" when we tell them where we live. It is nice to be as close as we are. I don't feel so far removed from her during the day. It's nice, but not as ideal as it couls be. You see, we live just close enough that you you feel like a lazy chump if you ever drive. And yet, it's just far enough that you break a sweat walking, especially in the afternoon. The only time it's a problem is if I've already taken my shower (kind of necessary after running in the mornings) or if I have to be somewhere later in the day, because this is what we've looked like coming home from school each afternoon.

And those are the two in the stroller. Imagine me, 30 pounds overweight, pushing 60 pounds of kid in a double stroller four and a half blocks. In the hot, humid 100+ degrees Texas weather. Ick.
But I'm happy to report a slight change in our weather this morning. It was cool enough that the girls wore a jacket. It was a wonderful walk to school. The walk home? Still nice and cool...because it started raining. So today, I'm a bit less sweaty than usual. Now I just smell like a wet dog. Gotta love that Texas weather!

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