Friday, September 12, 2008

I Love Spa Stuff!!!

If you'll notice, I added a new "ad" to the left side of the page. I put "ad" in quotes because I don't get paid to advertise anything. So it's not an ad in the sense that a business paid me to put their ad on my page. But it's an ad from me to you to suggest that you try something I like.
The last one I had up was the So Cool Mom t-shirt. I loved their shirts, they sent me a free one and I told you guys about it. That's it.
This ad is no different. I won't make any money off of it, but I did get a free product to try. I was only to write about it IF I liked the product. And guess what? I LOVED IT!

If you know anything about me at all, you know that I love, love, love spa stuff. I love massages, facials, makeup, skin care products. I love it all. I spend lots of time and money at places like Sephora trying to find eye creams and masques that will reduce wrinkles and make my skin look young again. It's probably my biggest vice. If anything ever puts us in the poor house, it will be my attempt to buy my way to beauty. (The irony of it is, I rarely put on makeup or fix my hair, so I'm not sure what I plan to do with all of the makeup and hair care products in my bathroom.)

I recently have noticed that my elbows are disgusting. Like, totally. They are all cracked and have these weird bumps on them. Someone suggested that they were warts. I decked that person between the eyes. Afterward, I began to wonder. Were they warts? And if so, what in the heck do I do?
I've used a body masque before, but it was a long time ago and I couldn't remember what it was. So I went online and did a search. I'm not exactly sure where I found this information, but it was a Trilogy Face and Body Masque. And they offered free samples if you pay shipping and handling.
Free samples pretty much make my head spin, so of course, I jumped right on that. I got the samples within a few days and used them immediately. The one thing I wish that I had done was to only use it on my face. Since I just had two small containers and one big body, I had to use all of the sample product in one use. Not smart. I would recommend that you only use it on your face or a specific problem area to test it for a couple of uses to make sure you like it before you buy.
Anyway, I liked it. It seems that it's either a MLM or a small business, because the owner, Kristina, contacted me rather quickly, asking if I had any questions. She also followed up via email to see if I liked the product. I told her about my one use only issue and that I wasn't sure if I loved it. When I said I wasn't interested in selling anything, she didn't pressure me. In fact, she hasn't mentioned that idea at all. We discussed my blog, she visited it and we agreed that she would send me the small, full-sized product so I could test it further. If I liked it, I would write about it. If not, I wouldn't.
I tried it first on my whole body. You gotta know that's a LOT of product. And it was a bit odd. I stood in my bathroom, totally nude, covered in mud, reading Prevention magazine. I felt ridiculous. Even more so when Avery walked in and said "Whoa Mom, you look totally rotten!"

After the first use, I didn't think I noticed a big difference. Until I put on my night cream and body lotion. Oh.My.God. My skin was so soft. So soft that later, when I was laying with Reese, she rubbed my arm and said "You skin feels so good, Momma." I am not making that up.
I decided to use it one more night before I wrote about it. Soft skin alone is not a reason to buy a big-ass tub of mud. So I used it again last night. Guess what? The funky, wart-like bumps on my elbows are gone.

I checked out the website...there are claims that it will reduce cellulite. I haven't used it long enough to vouch for that, and to be honest, I doubt I will. I would rather save it for my face and chest and arms because it's about to be winter and I can hide my fat ass in pants and since I won't be getting any more freebies, I gotta conserve product.
Many of the women on the website said they use it nightly and people ask if they have gotten a face lift. I've only used it twice, so no one has said that to me, but I will sure let you know if they do.
I suggest that you visit and order some free samples, just to try it. If you love being pampered and standing around in your bathroom naked, covered in mud, this is the product for you!
Seriously, it does rock...and Kristina is SO helpful and friendly...she'll answer all of your questions in a timely manner...check it out!

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