Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She Kills Me (but in a good way)

Today was some sort of career day at Avery's school. This week is college week, where they focus on future education and such. Of course, Kindergartners don't really know what college is, but they are happy to participate in any kind of fun. Today, they were supposed to dress like a career person of some kind.

I wasn't sure what she'd pick. You never know with her...rock star, teacher, mom, cop, fireman...it changes almost daily. My friend offered a police officer's costume yesterday and I brought it home just in case. I wasn't sure what Ave would think, but when she got home and I asked what job she would like to have, she said "police officer." I showed her the costume and she LOVED it.

She didn't hesitate to bounce out of bed and get dressed when I reminded her what today was.

She couldn't wait to arrest Rhett.

He didn't resist, unlike Reese, who threw herself to the ground and began shrieking like those crackheads on Cops.
We picked up our neighbor, who is also in Kindergarten and walks with us daily. She didn't want to come out of the house. She was embarrassed. Her career choice was "teacher." She wore a school t-shirt and denim skirt with her hair in a bun. Name tag on a cord around her neck. Cute. But she was embarrassed. You know what Avery said? "Don't be embarrassed. We look good."
I love that. I hope she always keeps that confidence. I must say, I sure didn't. If someone laughed or mentioned embarrassment about something I wore or did, you can bet it bothered me. Heck, once my mom told me a denim vest I had looked out of style and I never wore it again, even though it was new.
I hope Avery isn't like that. I hope she looks at me and says "So what? I like it." (Obviously, if it's a leather vest with nothing underneath, I will have the final say, but you know what I mean.)
I must say, so far, she's doing much better than I ever did. She was the only one in her class who went "all out" with her costume and she was as proud as if she were Michael Phelps on his eighth medal. I wanted to say "You go, girl!" But I didn't.
I was afraid someone might make fun of me.

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