Thursday, September 11, 2008


Were you all beside yourselves with worry that I didn't post yesterday? NO? Are you serious? You mean your every day routine doesn't involve coming to see what breathtakingly exciting developments have been happening in my life? I'm shocked!

No seriously. I was organizing all morning long. It was so exciting, I forgot to get online at all in the morning. God, I'm a dork.

Look at what I accomplished.

I realize it would be much more impressive if I had taken a "before" shot. In all my excitement, I forgot. But just know that this is a HUGE improvement. There were cards, game pieces, and Play Doh crumbs all over that closet. The games were all thrown haphazardly on the shelves and it was basically in a state of utter chaos. It drove me nuts just opening the door. And now, it gives me peace. I've stood and looked at this no fewer than 5 times since yesterday. I love to organize. If you know anyone who works for Clean House or some other organizational, cleaning business, tell them to look me up. I want to work for them! I would love to go into people's homes and reorganize and clean their junk. Is that weird? I think it might be a bit weird...but not as weird as some of these other "quirks" of mine...

1. I love to buy stationery. I have a ton of notecards with my name, initial or other cutesy decoration. I LOVE to buy Post-its in different colors. I love note pads, cute pens, and anything else that you might use to write down your grocery list, to-do list, or thank you note. Except that I mostly use email to communicate, so the notecards don't get alot of use. The cute notepads and Post-Its, however, do get alot of use. It thrills me to use the last piece of paper on a notepad because that means I get to go peruse the "home office" section of the store. I can spend 15 minutes just in that aisle.

2. I love to buy Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Gladware, etc. I like containers. With lids. Preferrably in cute colors. I have a ton and I love to "accidentally" leave them at other people's houses so I can buy more.

3. I am obsessed right now with buying cute mixing bowls. These are my current favorites:

They are small and really not that functional, but I still like seeing them stacked in my cupboard.
4. I don't like to eat corn tortillas. Now, that in itself isn't weird, but the reason for it is. When I was a special education teacher, I had a 3rd grader in my class who had cerebal palsy. He was in a wheelchair and wore diapers. Normally, his aide changed his diaper, but when he came to me, she would like to take breaks and relax a bit. I didn't blame her and we usually got by just fine. But after Spring Break in Cancun with his parents, he needed a bit of extra care in the toilet I offered to just start changing him myself. It wasn't a big deal and I sure didn't mind. But here's the bad part: the smell of his diapers reminded me of corn tortillas. So now I have the association of corn tortillas with poopy diapers. I still eat enchiladas, but when they bring that warmer to the table and the lid opens, I can tell at first whiff if it's flour or corn inside. Forgive me if I crawl under the table. *shiver*
Do you like how I switched from stationery and kitchen accessories to dirty diapers and corn tortillas? My mind is funny that way.

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