Friday, September 26, 2008

The Ice Cream Man Is Coming!!!

Is there anything better, on a warm, late summer/early fall evening, than the sound of the ice cream man's truck. I remember this from when I was a child and the sound still sends jolts of excitement to my brain. It doesn't seem to be a regular thing in our neighborhood, but then again, no one seems to be out in front of their homes around here. All of our garages are in the back, so there's no real reason to sit out front, worrying about kids running into traffic.

But the other night, I just happened to be walking home from a neighbor's when I heard the ding-a-ling song of the ice cream truck. My kids were inside, getting naked for their baths. I ran in, screamed "Get dressed! The ice cream man is outside!" and grabbed $5.
By the time they got outside, the ice cream man was gone. He was in a hurry. And kinda rude, actually. I don't remember them being so unfriendly. Oh well. So the kids didn't get to choose their own. Good thing too, because $5 doesn't go as far as it used to. I remember paying with coins...what's up with a $2 Ninja Turtle? Bubble gum eyeballs must cost more than they used to.

Even though they missed the ordering experience, the kids were just as excited as I'd hoped they would be. Of course, if your mom ran in the door while you were naked and getting ready for the dreaded bath and bedtime ritual, and screamed "GET DRESSED, YOU GET ICE CREAM!" wouldn't that excite you? I'd think so. (I'm on a 1000 calorie-a-day diet, so if you ran in my house and screamed "Come get ice cream" I'd run out so fast, I probably would forget to even put my clothes back on. Heck, I'd jump out of the shower and into the street dripping wet for some ice cream right now.)
Sorry for that mental picture. I'll leave you with some real pictures to help erase the image of me naked, eating ice cream.
Here's Avery. She was really pumped, but she's a Kindergartener now, so don't expect any ridiculousness out of her anymore.

Here's Big Tuna, just sitting and eating. I think he's trying to sit as still and quiet as possible so no one will notice that he has his very own ice cream treat. I'll just sit here silently and eat as much as I can before they realize their mistake and take it away from me.
Ah, Sweet Reesie. Ever the goofball and never one to withhold her excitement. She's singing a jaunty tune about an ice cream bunny with bubble gum eyeballs. Gotta love the raw joy of an almost-three-year-old.

Three cheers for the ice cream man!!!!

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