Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Waterlogged Weekend

Saturday morning, we got up and drove to Edmond, OK to watch my brother's football game. He is the head coach at Texas A&M Kingsville, which is near Corpus Christi. Hurricane Ike was supposed to hit them so they moved the game to Edmond (Univ. of Central OK). Since that's only about 3 hours away and we never get to see Bo, we thought we'd go. Sure, we knew it would rain a lot, but we didn't care.

It did rain. A LOT. It stopped for about a quarter and a half, but rained the rest of the time. It was sort of squishy and moist and not-quite-comfortable, but the kids loved it. Here they are during the "dry" time, before I had to put my camera in the car for fear it would be ruined. Oh how I wish you could see what Avery looked like after rolling down a grassy, muddy hill in the rain for an hour. Her cute, white shirt from the Gap was brown. I threw it in the trash. She still has a rash on her arms from rolling in grass and mud. She could care less. She said "It's itchy sometimes, but I don't care. I had fun." My girl has her priorities straight!

Here are the pictures before it got completely muddy and gross...enjoy!
Here are the girls, coming from the concession stand toward a puddle. Rhett is running in circles to the left, off camera. The girls are yelling "Can we walk through the puddle?"

I said yes.

I think Rhett heard me because here he comes....

And there he goes...

He marched back and forth, back and forth. Running, screaming, splashing. He loved it. And then he fell...

And loved it even more. (That's a piece of trash in his path. I know, ICK.) He stayed on his hands and knees for quite some time.

He was wet and grassy and dirty. And happy. The only one who didn't absolutely love rolling in filth was Reese. She liked walking in the rain and splashing in the puddle, but she didn't want to be muddy and grassy. She's a princess, you know.

Here are the girls in the car after the game. We had to run to Target to buy some new, dry clothes. They didn't care.

Look how happy they are. You can't buy that kind of entertainment.

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