Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's So Funny?

I find this picture hilarious. I'm not sure, but I think it's the outfit. I don't normally dress him in muscle shirts, but this was on sale at Target. Each piece was $ if he never wears it again, I'm not out much. And I have to tell you, I may not ever put it on him again - unless I need a good laugh.
I can't decide what it is. Knit black shorts? No, they are fine. I think it's the shirt. I think he looks like he should be working on a car in his front yard. Or watching NASCAR on TV while drinking an original Coors from the can. Or yelling at his wife with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

But then again, sometimes Rhett reminds me of Chris Farley. When I look at this picture, I feel like I'm watching an old episode of SNL. Of course, my baby is much, much cuter, (and not strung out on cocaine and fried cheese) but think about Farley in that sleeveless shirt in the Chippendale's sketch, right before he stripped. Identical, right?

I also love that he's saying "Cheese!" like his sisters do, but it sounds like "Yeeeee!" Of course, only I know that's what he said. And that that's why he put his hands up to his chest in a "look at how awesome I am" gesture.

Whatever "it" is, I love it. It makes me smile. I hope you at least get a small grin out of it.
Happy Wednesday!


cort's mommy said...

haha i can't quit laughing dodi! I feel the same way about those shirts. I refuse to put Cort in them, but this pic is so worth putting him in it! Thanks for the laugh!

WT Aunt La-La said...

ahhhhh that is great!!! I guess you need to save that tank for ptown because Cash always wears muscle t's when he is out working on the two cars up on blocks behind the trailer. Of course we only drink medicine water & smoke peotie out here, but Rhett can join in while in town!!