Friday, July 25, 2008

Born To Be Wild


P.S. I know it's so lame to say TGIF. It's one of those things no one should ever say, like "TTFN!" (Ta Ta for Now, ala Tigger) or "Any-who." I just couldn't think of anything else. And, as we all know, I'm a real nerd at heart.
Any-who, TGIF. TTFN.
Lylas, BFF!


Courtney said...

Very cute, Big Tuna!

Your acronyms remind me of junior high. This year, Maya's yearbook was full of H.A.G.S. followed by signatures of some sloppy kids. I couldn't figure it out. Finally she said, "Duh, Mom! Have a good summer!" I'm not as smart as I used to be and it does embarrass me.


Dodi said...

LOL..How old is Maya now, anyway? Sheesh...she seems to young to be doing acronyms and rolling her eyes at her stupid mother. I'm so not ready for that!
Thanks for all the comments...they make me smile. :)