Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pictures from the Ranch

I love this picture. I may have it framed for our bedroom.

Avery caught a fish our first day there!!

Clowns in a Volkswagen? Nope...clowns in a Suburban, after an afternoon of fishing.

Check out the adorable "hamburgers" my friend's sister in law made. They are cupcakes! How precious is that??? Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart!

It was a big weekend for the kids. Avery learned to play pool.

And Rhett learned to...

...ACK! Drink beer? KIDDING, people, JUST KIDDING. He picked this up out of the trash. I know it's trashy to laugh at a kid holding an empty beer can, but I can't help it...
Avery and the boys caught frogs, while Reese watched. Reese actually got brave enough to touch a frog and eventually, pick it up by it's face (according to her, she "gwabbed he eyeballs!"), but she dropped it so fast, we couldn't get a picture.

Reese thought about fishing for a minute....

...but found a much easier way to get the fishies she likes.

Obviously, we had a great time. We'll be ready to go back as soon as we catch up on sleep and lose the extra pounds we added from all the eating and drinking! Thanks to our sweet friends, Kealey and Bob and their family for treating us to this fun holiday weekend! You guys rock! :)

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