Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jon & Kate Plus 8

My sister-in-law, April, has been hounding me for months to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8. She and my brother, Bo, have called me on more than one occasion to tell me that something about Kate reminds them of me. (They really do think's not that I think I'm a TV star or an awesome mom-it's that THEY think that!) In fact, when we stayed in a hotel about a month ago just for fun, Bo emailed me and said "Did you get that idea from Kate?" and I honestly didn't know who or what he was talking about. (By the way, my friend Misty and her daughter also think I'm like Kate, but they don't hound me about it!)
Anyway, back to the show. I finally recorded several of the shows and have had a chance to sit down and watch two of them. First of all, let me just say that if I had eight children, I'd be an emotional train wreck. I would be yelling at everyone, all the time and I would NOT look as cute as Kate does on a daily basis. But, I think I see what they are talking about. Some of the things are wonderful and I'm extremely flattered that anyone would think that I was like that. And others, well, sometimes the truth hurts. I'm breaking it down both for you, for Bo and April, but also for me. It's kind of a fun "Look in the mirror" for me to see how someone else views me.
Here are the things I've noticed about Kate:
(I do acknowledge that this is a completely self-absorbed, narcissistic post, but for me, writing is a form of self-expression that helps me work through my thoughts. Besides that, what's more narcissistic than writing a blog about yourself, assuming that people will read? I do that every day, so how much more damage can I really do?)
I'll start with the differences.
1. Kate wears makeup all the time. Right this second, I not only have no makeup on, but my hair looks like a combed it with an egg beater because I still haven't tamed it from bed. I also have a face full of zits. She may have makeup people to cover hers, but I haven't seen any.
2. Kate has lost most of, if not all, of her baby weight. She looks adorable. I am still 26 pounds overweight.
3. Kate has 8 children. She loses her patience like I do, but with 8 children. I lose mine with THREE. Sheesh.
4. I've never heard Kate cuss. I talk filthy. Not in front of my children (at least not much), but I have a bad habit I can't seem to get rid of.

Here are the similarities, as I see it.
1. Kate has short blond hair. I also have short blond hair. Like her, I try to keep it "in style" and not too boring or house-wifeish.
2. Kate is married to Jon. I am married to Aaron, but they are so similar, it's scary. They are both super nice, both hate to show emotion, both love their and help with them more than their dads did, and they both put up with a lot of shit (see? Why the cuss word?)because they married women who were bolder, more opinionated, more outgoing, and well, just MORE.
3. I've heard several people say they think Kate is a bitch. I imagine that some people also think I'm a bitch. I sometimes speak before I think and am too brutally honest sometimes. I can be gruff and unthinking. I can be insensitive, and I talk to my kids pretty much the way I talk to adults, sans cussing. If I'm frustrated, everyone knows it.
4. Kate has a tendency to boss or talk down to her husband. I do this too. I think it comes from dealing with kids all day. You get used to barking orders and expecting things to get done in a hurry. Not to mention that Jon and Aaron both have a tendency to "not notice" things that need to be done.
5. Kate has an idea in her head about how things should be done. She likes for things to be organized and efficient and expects everyone in the household to follow suit. Ditto.
6. Sometimes Kate yells at her kids when they are all screaming, fighting or whining. She feels bad afterward and will often apologize and tear up over it. Me too.
7. Kate loves being at home and on a recent ski trip, she was most excited about staying in the cabin and doing laundry all day. That's how I am, too. I love to clean, I love to do laundry and I have bread baking in the oven right now. I am honored to be a "housewife."

See? Some bad, some good. I'm sure there is more, but I'm only on my third episode.
There, April. Are you happy? Not only have I watched the show, but I've used it as a tool for self-awareness and introspective analyzing. I've also found a way to make a show that has nothing to do with me, somehow, all about me. Is that what you thought I'd do?


Dodi said...

Love this post. Love that show.

cort's momma said...

Oh Dodi I DVR that show everytime it is on! It is my favorite! LOL I have no idea how she can be so patient with her kids...not her husband though!

Oh yeah FYI she had a tummy tuck..someone watching her show like the dr.s wife or employees of the dr talked to him and he did it pro bono!!

April Atterberry said...

LMAO! You are Hilarious! I am a little disappointed though, all the similarities you discussed were not the good ones that I see. Seriously, I think you two are alike in many more ways (of course the ones you mentioned are somewhat true:)but she makes sure she does special things that her children will remember forever and have great memories of childhood. You do that too and you are both so creative and very unique. Anyway, enough of the ego boost. you know what I am saying. Keep watching, you will start to think she is your nice twin!

p.s. I didn't say any of this just to make up for the times I have dissed you!

WT Sista said...

tell my brother & his wife that we are so over....just because the show that reminds them of me is Grace Under Fire doesnt mean they need to put you on a pedastool...:) love you