Thursday, July 31, 2008

Children of the Corn

As many of you know, I love pranks. Just about any kind of prank, as long as it doesn't cause real damage to anyone's property. As a kid, I spent many, many summer and weekend nights playing night games (Kick the Can, etc), toilet papering, and playing Ding-Dong-Ditch, only we didn't call it that because we were from a small town in Oklahoma and didn't know any better.

And here's my confession: I still love doing all of these things. I don't do them very often, but every once in a while, if my friends and I are kid free after a few cocktails, we pretend we are in junior high. I know some people think it's immature and stupid. And maybe it is, but it's virtually harmless and there is nothing like running down the street, laughing as hard as you can in the middle of the night. I don't care what age you are. That's some good fun.

Anyway...I have some friends who are of the same mind set. And the other night during our poker tournament, one of the guys suggested that we go "get into some trouble" after the poker tournament. I wanted to, but didn't think it was fair of me to leave my husband at home with the kids while I went out running the streets, so I declined.

About 40 minutes later, at approximately 1 a.m., our doorbell rang. And this is what we saw:

That's corn. In the husks. These dear friends of ours went to a nearby cornfield, pulled out at least 20 ears of corn and dropped it on our front step. Inside the door. Why? Because they could. And they knew we would laugh. I still laugh every time I sweep up one of those hairy things that comes from inside the husk. I love a good prank. This was my first "corning" in all my 35 years of life. I haven't decided if I will add it to my own reportoire, but it's always nice to have new ideas just in case.

Baby update: It's going to be a long day, according to my brother in law. What a surprise. My mom, sister and I must have the coziest uteruses (uteri?) in the world. Those babies love it in there!

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Sharon said...

Hmmm....our house got wrapped on Saturday night. I thought it was one of Jackson's friends but now that I think about it, they did throw those rolls pretty high!!! = )