Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Friday

I didn't snap this picture myself...I got it from that OMG! Webpage that always pops up on Yahoo! Entertainment. It made me laugh out loud. Mainly because I assume that Jim Carrey is just being silly, but then again, he's kind of an odd duck, so maybe not. (Even if he's joking, why isn't Jenny McCarthy reacting? If it were me, I'd be holding a sign letting the world know that THIS IS A JOKE!)

Anyway, then I started thinking about how Hollywood seems like they sort of pioneer funky fashion crazes and what if guys all over see this and think it's the new style and begin to wear it? Then I pictured my husband in it. I love that man to death, but Jeez Louise, he is hairy...this "outfit" would most certainly emphasize some of his hairier parts.
Ah well, I lead a rich fantasy life. He won't put on a Speedo on a dare, so this ain't ever gonna happen.
Enjoy the pic anyway (picture someone you're fighting with wearing this and you'll have to crack a smile!) and have a Happy Friday!

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~D Spack~ said...

Your post is cracking me up! At least he has some muscle definition.